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Music Showcase: Royalty Free Ambient Tracks

Danny Greer

10 of the best royalty free ambient tracks for games, videos, events & films.  Make your projects more engaging with high-quality ambient music!

We’ve rounded up 10 of the best royalty free ambient tracks, gentle soundscapes that will give your projects more emotional depth. Encompassing a range of styles from swirling light rock to downbeat electronic underscores, each of these royalty free ambient tracks gives off warm, positive vibes.

This isn’t your typical “background stock music”.  It’s cinematic, soulful and dynamic.  These ambient tracks will add an emotional element to corporate videos, wedding slideshows, dramatic scenes or narration.  Have a listen, and discover how royalty free ambient music can increase the impact of your production.

Music Showcase: Royalty Free Ambient Tracks
  • Annie
  • Smooth and dreamy, featuring light pulsing textures and underlying floating keyboard that creates a mood of resolution and comfort.
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  • Tic-Toc
  • Gentle and inspiring, featuring playful marimba, subtle piano and string accents, and energetic electronic drum rhythms that create a mood of calm, bubbling wonder.
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  • A Proud Moment
  • Chill and reflective, featuring inspiring guitar echoes, light xylophone and synth atmospheres, and warm strings that create a calm, confident mood of wonder.
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  • Gentle Sway
  • Warm and smooth, featuring building lush string textures, an emotive keyboard melody and a light bouncy pop groove that creates a peaceful and heartwarming mood.
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