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Level-Up Your Gaming Videos with the Perfect Royalty-Free Soundtrack

Andrew Taylor

Considering making a gaming video? Keep your viewers hooked with this curated playlist of some of our royalty-free music picks.

Cover image via Makalo86.

Fun fact: in 2017, out of the top five most subscribed-to channels on YouTube, two of them specialized in gaming videos. That’s pretty impressive, but seeing as the gaming industry itself makes around $100 billion a year, accompanying gaming videos were always bound to be popular, too. For video editors who are passionate about gaming, creating game-related content could be a potentially lucrative project.

In the world of gaming videos, there are a number of common formats. There are “Let’s Plays,” which edit together gameplay clips, often with narration. There are also walkthroughs that show players exactly how to navigate difficult sections or entire games. There are thousands upon thousands of game reviews and reaction videos out there, too.

It’s important to keep in mind that when it comes to holding viewers’ attention, your soundtrack goes a long way. The right music provides a consistent through-line that ties multiple gameplay clips together. It can also lend your video a level of professionalism and polish.

To help out, we’ve put together a varied playlist of royalty-free tracks. For your walkthroughs, we’ve included a mix of cinematic instrumental music. For game reviews, we’ve got more low-key (but no less effective) cues. For good measure, we’ve added in a handful of retro 8-bit inspired tracks too.

Getting a license for one of these tracks is super-simple and super-affordable. With one license, you can use your track in as many online videos as you need. A standard license goes for just $49 per track.

So listen to our handpicked selection of royalty-free music for gaming videos, and give your next project a professional, high-quality soundtrack. What are you waiting for? It’s time to get playing.

Music For Gaming Videos
Music For Gaming Videos
Give your video the ultimate power-up with our curated, royalty-free soundtrack.