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Rococo Romance: Give Your Video a Classical Cinematic Sound

Andrew Taylor

Each year, Shutterstock takes an in-depth look at what’s happening in the creative world to forecast top emerging trends. One of their rising trends for 2019 — Rococo Romance — caught our eye.

Rococo Romance: Give Your Video a Classical Cinematic Sound — Orchestra

Image via Stokkete.

The 18th-century rococo artistic movement is known for its rich, ornamental aesthetic. Think intricate patterns, unashamed romanticism, and elegant textures. We love the classical-yet-inherently-cinematic nature of rococo, and now that it’s coming back into the spotlight, we thought it would be the perfect time to curate a rococo-inspired music playlist.

The tracks that we picked are the perfect way to add a sophisticated, elegant sound to your videos. For a refined, classical vibe try “Wishing Star” by Big Score Audio. This rhythmic track for strings and piano creates a rich, heartfelt mood.

As well as modern, original tracks, we’ve included newly recorded classical pieces too like Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G (1st Movement) and Elgar’s Salut D’Amour Op.12.

So if you want to be a trendsetter this year, the classic rococo sound could be the way to go. All our tracks are royalty-free, so with one license, you can use your track in as many projects as you need. So dive into our playlist and find your video project’s perfect track. Or if you’re looking for a different orchestral sound, we recently recorded music with a full symphony orchestra — take a listen!

Cover image via Sopotnicki.

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Rococo Romance
Rococo Romance
Discover a new era of sophistication.
  • Bach - Menuet (String Quartet)
  • A light and happy string quartet piece from Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). This classical track is ideal for communicating a sense of sophistication, but also emotion and feeling in a project. Well suited for documentaries or period pieces.
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