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Royalty Free Music to Power Your Sports Videos

Andrew Taylor

From energetic samba to street-style percussion and beyond — here’s the perfect soundtrack for high-octane sports video projects.

Right now, the world is gripped by soccer fever as people everywhere gather to cheer on their favorite teams. To mark the occasion — and to help you with your sports-themed videos — our music team has created the perfect royalty-free music playlist.

This collection of 14 hand-picked tracks instantly evokes the energy and excitement of the soccer pitch and encompasses all the iconic musical styles associated with the beautiful game.

Royalty-Free Music to Power Your Sports Videos

Image via Yaraslau.

Try out “Samba Romp,” by Faberge — a bright, catchy Brazilian-themed track with an uplifting vibe. “This Beat is Addictive,” by MVM Productions, pulses with exciting street-style percussion to create a carnival atmosphere. Or match the on-pitch action with high-energy action tracks like “You Thought I Was Playing,” by JAM Studio, and “Game Start,” by Tonemassif.

Plus, no world sports tournament would be complete without an iconic anthem. “I’m Waiting For You” and “Where Are You” by Denis fit the bill perfectly. Both are epic pop ballads featuring Russian vocals.

Each track in our sports playlist is royalty-free, so with the purchase of a simple license, you can use your chosen tracks in your sports videos without paying royalty fees. Find your next royalty free stock music track here.

Music for Sports
Music for Sports
Energetic music to power your videos.
  • Game Start
  • Bright and building, featuring pulsing synth textures and a laid back Electro Pop feel that creates enthusiasm and confidence.
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  • I'm Waiting for You
  • Bright and building, featuring female Russian vocals, bright synth textures, piano and a bouncy dance groove that creates an enthusiastic mood.
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  • Knockdown
    By Gyom
  • Edgy and heavy, featuring gritty electric guitar and a southern rock feel that creates a tough, rebellious mood.
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  • Power
  • Bold and driving, featuring distorted guitar, vocal samples and stomps that create a powerful, feel-good mood.
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