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Royalty Free Music Roundup: Action Packed!

Kate Cooper

Get over those winter blues and put a spring in your audience’s step with this curated playlist of high-energy royalty free music tracks.

Spring is on the way if you live in the Northern Hemisphere. The cold weather is no longer a viable excuse to avoid hitting the gym or going for a run. Sometimes we all need a little push out the door.

If your video project also needs a push, these high-energy, royalty free music tracks will do the trick. I’ve curated this collection of my favorite upbeat tracks from the PremiumBeat music library. The PremiumBeat Standard License covers most usage, including ALL web video (Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, etc). Find the perfect royalty free track below and inspire, motivate and energize your audience!

Get Up!
High-Energy Royalty Free Music
  • Pump It Up!
    By Gyom
  • Upbeat and driving, featuring anthemic vocal oohs, heavy electric guitar riff, light organ and pulsing synth textures that create an empowering mood.
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  • We Dream
  • Bright and building, featuring electric guitar, edgy synth textures and a driving Dance groove that creates an inspirational mood.
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  • Rain or Shine
  • Pulsing and confident, featuring electric guitars that flow in and out with the 4-on-the-floor beat to create a swirling, driving atmosphere.
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  • Running
  • Building and shimmering, featuring an underlying beat, pulsing synth textures and uplifting piano that creates a bright and empowering mood.
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