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Royalty Free Music Roundup: Love Story

Lucinda Tang

All you need is love… and a little something to set the mood. Our curated playlist of romantic royalty free music is the perfect soundtrack for falling in love.

We find love in the stories that surround us. One thing is certain: The greatest love stories in our culture tend to find themselves intrinsically tied to equally memorable theme music.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’ve chased down that elusive magic to offer you a feast of feelings. Whether gentle, nostalgic, passionate, or celebratory, the story you are telling will transport the listener…and their journey will be unforgotten.

Discover the best romantic royalty free music in our curated playlist below.

The Best Romantic Royalty Free Music
Tracks for wedding videos, slideshows or Valentines Day themed projects.
  • Fly Away
  • Light and gentle, featuring warm female lead vocals, bright acoustic guitar and underlying strings that create a proud and sentimental mood.
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  • Tides
  • Smooth and flowing, featuring a reflective repeated piano line, ethereal synth swells, and mellow electronic drums that create a warm, deep mood.
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  • Nostalgia
  • Slow and somber, featuring a light Latin Jazz groove, melodic trombone and acoustic piano that create a heartfelt and melancholic mood.
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  • Setting Sail
  • Warm and smooth, featuring electric piano, pulsing electric guitar, lush synth textures and a downtempo groove that creates a seductive and sultry mood.
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  • The Halls Inside
  • Warm and soothing, featuring underlying pulsing electronic elements, smooth strings and a laidback groove that creates an introspective and reflective mood.
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  • You Sexy Thing
    By Gyom
  • Laidback with a heavy groove, featuring gritty electric guitar and soulful vocal oohs that create a confident and cool mood.
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  • Moving Closer
  • Poignant and powerful, featuring solemn piano and guitar, passionate strings, and gentle vibraphone over laidback electronic drums that create a bittersweet, emotional mood.
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  • Always
  • Smooth and soothing, featuring lightly pulsing piano textures, underlying beat and floating synth textures that create a hopeful mood.
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