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NAB 2016: Sony Announces a Super 35mm 4K Camera That Shoots 480 fps

Caleb Ward

NAB 2016: Sony announces the HDC­-4800, a beast of a Super 35mm 4K camera that shoots at at 480 fps.

Every year at NAB, Sony releases a product that pushes the limits of technology. Two years ago it was the a7S. Last year it was the a7R II. This year, it’s the HDC­-4800.

This new high-end machine isn’t for the faint of heart. The behemoth of a camera can record 4K images at up to 480fps when paired with the accompanying BPU-­4800 processor. Let’s take a closer look at this revolutionary new camera.

The Sony HDC­-4800

While most major cameras announced at NAB are more practical and suited for everyday use, this new camera looks to be a high frame rate option for those looking to shoot cinematic slow-mo. Using the HDC­-4800 and the accompanying BPU­-4800 processor, users can slow footage down to 720fps in HD and 480fps in 4K. The camera comes equipped with a Super 35mm CMOS sensor. The camera uses a professional PL mount and shoots in a BT.2020 and BT.709 color space.

NAB 2016: Sony HDC-4800 Camera

The Sony HDC­-4800 Specs

  • Super 35mm Sensor
  • 4K up to 480fps, HD up to 720fps (Yep, you read that right.)
  • 15 Stops Dynamic Range
  • 2 Stereo XLR Inputs
  • PL Lens Mount
  • SMPTE Optical Fiber Output

Pricing and Availability

The camera and processor unit will be available in August. No price has been released, but expect something in the $50K+ range. Want to learn more about the Sony HDC­-4800? Check out the press release on Sony’s website.

What are your initial impressions of the Sony HDC­-4800? Share your thoughts in the comments below.