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Neon Light Tutorial for Cinema 4D and After Effects

Danny Greer

The best neon lighting tutorial we’ve seen! Learn how how create this model with Cinema4D & After Effects.

Although Cinema 4D doesn’t get a ton of love on the blog, we couldn’t resist sharing this really great tutorial by pro motion graphics designer Travis Laidlaw.

Neon lighting is a sought after look for title graphics, but unfortunately it’s often executed poorly. We’ve seen 2D images with light applied in After Effects, or even worse, a completely static shot of a neon light. Ouch.

To do it right and really sell the effect, you’ve got to invest the time in creating a 3D neon light like the one outlined in this tutorial. The majority of the work in this neon lighting tutorial is done in Cinema 4D, with the model brought into After Effects in the very end for compositing.

This isn’t a beginners Cinema 4D tutorial, so some previous experience in 3D modeling is definitely recommended. Thanks for sharing Travis! To see more of Travis’ motion design work check out his Vimeo page.