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Newton 2 Is An Incredible Physics Engine for After Effects

Danny Greer

Motion Boutique has released Newton 2, a physics engine for creating realistic motion and animations in After Effects.

Creating realistic motion in After Effects can be tricky.  Adding keyframes and modifying interpolation can be time consuming and requires an experienced user to make it look smooth.  Enter Newton 2, the new physics engine for After Effects that can automate the process of creating slick motion in AE.  From the MotionBoutique site:

Newton interprets 2D composition layers as rigid bodies interacting in a real environment. Newton provides many simulation controllers such as body properties, global properties and allows the creation of joints between bodies. Once simulation is completed, animation is recreated in After Effects with standard keyframes.

Newton 2 is available for purchase at aescripts.com and retails for $249. Take a look at this demo video to get a sense of how it works:

To get a sense of real-world application of this AE physics engine, check out the Newton channel on Vimeo.  Here’s a few favorites that showcase the tools capabilities: