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6 Awesome New Features in Adobe Photoshop CS6

Danny Greer

Adobe recently announced the biggest upgrade to Photoshop in over a decade.  Discover the best new Photoshop CS6 feature additions and how they can improve your creative projects!

In the following video, Adobe Sr. Creative Director Russell Preston Brown enthusiastically presents his 6 favorite new Photoshop CS6 features. These new application improvements make Adobe Photoshop CS6 an even more powerful tool for photographers, videographers and creative content professionals:

Adobe Camera Raw 7.0 Support – Leverage the data of RAW photos with incredible image control, many new controls ported over from Lightroom

Adaptive Wide Angle –  Corrects the distortions common with wide angle lenses, reduces horizontal and vertical lens curvature

Blur Gallery – Have greater control over image blurs, including the ability to quickly create a tilt-shift photography effect and simulate an out of focus lens

Content Aware Move – Move elements around in an image and Photoshop CS6 will fill the empty space using content-aware technology

The New Crop Tool – Increased crop control including auto-center around crop region and canvas rotation

Video Capabilities – Multi-layered HD-capable video timeline with audio, fade effects and motion controls for still images, text and graphics

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