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Quick Look: The Premiere Pro CS6 Workspace

Andrew Devis

Take a peek at the new Premiere Pro CS6 workspace and discover how the streamlined designed puts your media front and center!

Premiere Pro CS6 updates to a new darker interface with less clutter.  This more streamlined layout makes for a much cleaner and media-centric workspace.  The whole Premiere CS6 user interface has been set up to give you maximum access to what really matters – the media you need to review, assess and edit!

 Default CS6 Workspace

You may find find yourself opening projects created in earlier versions only to discover that the Premiere Pro user interface (UI) has reverted to the layout of the earlier version of PP – which can be either a good thing or rather frustrating depending on how you like to work.

CS5.5 Layout

You’ll want to keep in mind two options for resetting your workspace: how to make sure the default Premiere Pro CS6 layout is (or isn’t) respected when you import your older projects and how to get rid of one element which won’t reset!

First, how do you make sure that the CS6 workspace isn’t changed when importing an older project?  All you need to do is open Premiere Pro and go to Windows>Workspace and then un-check the last option which says ‘Import Workspace from Projects’. Then, when you open a new project the present workspace you are using will be respected (if you leave it checked the old workspace of the project will be imported).

But what if you have already opened up a project and want to get back to the Premiere Pro CS6 layout? Again the answer (in most part) lies in the Windows>Workspace menu where you will see an option saying ‘Reset Current Workspace…’  This will reset all but one little option, the Preview Area.

Preview Area

To reset this you need to go to click on the Panel Menu …

Panel Menu

… and then deselect the ‘Preview Area’ option.  Now, you will have the default Premiere Pro CS6 layout.

Lastly, do bear in mind that you have other workspaces to play with including the default CS5.5 layout if you want to get back to it. Simply go to Windows>Workspaces and choose the one you want!  Customize your workspace in Premiere Pro CS6 to work best for your workflow and editing needs!