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Premiumbeat Giveaway! Alpha Grunge Transitions

Danny Greer

Grunge and lo-fi film effects are all the rage! Discover how these grunge alpha transitions from Luca Visual FX can add an organic, gritty style to your next project.

Luca Visual FX Grunge Transitions

The irony is that as video cameras become higher resolution and offer clearer, shaper images, the desire for vintage visual effects is also increasing.  Consumers are purchasing expensive phones with high-megapixel cameras, only to add grunge to the images through vintage photo processing apps (Instagram, CameraBag, etc).  There is a desire to create a vintage look and style with our new digital tools…and when it comes to video, the Alpha Grunge Transitions from Luca Visual FX achieve just that.

For the last few years, Luca and his team have been busy creating high quality vintage and grunge video effects.  Their newest product, Grunge Alpha Transitions, allows you to instantly recreate the grungy effects that are common when shooting and manually processing film (think: old 8mm or 16mm film cameras).  Take a look:

Clip vs Plug-In Based Transitions

There are a variety of grunge/film effects available on the market today, but this pack has one distinct advantage: being clip based.  These Alpha Grunge Transitions are stand-alone clips, and not a plug-in or filter, so they are not tied to any one NLE.  Bring these transtios clips into any professional non-linear editing or visual effects application (including FCP, FCPX, Avid, After Effects and Premiere).  Just place the clip transition on a track above any video cut.

Each of the transitions is a high-resolution clip with an alpha channel (animation codec), so you can easily add additional effects or filters.  Want to change the transition color?  Add a matte or keyframe it?  Clip based transitions give you this flexibility.  Additionally, if you’re used to working with blending/composite modes you can adjust this on each clip as well.

The transitions in this pack range from totally destroyed and distorted burns to milder film dirt and scratch effects.  They’re great for giving any project a gritty or edgy flair.

The monochrome and multicolored alpha transitions packs are currently available for $49 each or $89 as a pair from the Luca Visual FX website.

Alpha Transitions Giveaway!

UPDATE: This contest is over.  Thanks to all who participated!

Didn’t win but still want to try the Alpha Grunge Transitions?
Luca Visual Fx is offering a special 20% discount on the bundle. Simply email support@lucavisualfx.com with your twitter name and they will send you a coupon to use any time you wish!

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