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What to Ask When Picking A Production Music Service

Danny Greer

Discover what you need to know when deciding on a royalty-free music service for your projects!

Royalty Free Music

Production music services provide valuable services to those in need of quality, royalty-free music for use in a video, film, game, or other project. As with any business, however, not all of these companies are created equal. Even good ones can vary significantly in the number and quality of services they provide. So it pays to be cautious when shopping for production music.

Here are a few factors to consider when deciding which service to do business with:

Is their music of acceptable quality?
Many online music libraries have either very low or even non-existent standards when it comes to adding tracks to their offerings. In fact, some simply accept any piece sent to them! To avoid numerous hassles, only deal with a firm that carefully screens its music.

Is their music exclusive to them?
Nothing screams “amateur!” like a track that has been heard in countless other productions. Yet, that is one of the most common hazards of using so-called “free” libraries. Make certain that the royalty free music company you use controls its distribution to safeguard the unique nature of your project.

Are their compositions copyright-free?
If they’re not, then using them is the legal equivalent of planting a ticking time bomb in your project. The last thing you need is an angry composer serving you with legal papers because you unknowingly used their copyright-protected piece.

Do they use accomplished, professional musicians?
Lots of folks out there say they can sing or play a particular instrument. However, as you well know, actual levels of talent and skill vary widely. Make certain that the production music service you partner with uses only quality musicians for their tracks.

Do they offer any support?
Things to look for include a blog, list of articles, or other resources that you can refer to when you have a technical or production question. After all, no matter how good you are at your job, these days, it’s impossible to know everything about any field. Being able to access a competent knowledge base can make all the difference in the world to how your project turns out.

Are they established and accessible?
Imagine having a problem or question with a track, trying to contact the production music company you got it from, and finding out that they have mysteriously vanished overnight. That’s trouble you don’t need. Only deal with a service that has a real, physical office and will tell you where they are based.

Do they enjoy what they do?
Companies staffed by people with a passion for their product invariably give their clients better service than fly-by-night firms that are concerned only with making a quick buck. Make sure the business you choose both knows and loves providing production music services.

How large is their current client base?
Royalty free music firms that do their job well are rewarded with loyal customers. So, find out about their client base: how large it is, how long they have dealt with the service, and how satisfied they are with it.

Here at Premiumbeat, we’re proud to say that we meet all of the above criteria. Check out our site, feel free to ask us any questions you have, and let us know how we can help you find the perfect royalty free track for your next project.