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RED Workflow: Data Management and Copying Footage

Danny Greer

Working with big RED RAW files?  Check out this video on keeping your work safe by copying and backing up your files.

Red LogoDigital production company and bloggers RogueCine.com have released the first video in their training series on working with the RED Digital cameras and footage.  This video tutorial demonstrates two options for copying your RED footage onto another drive, either for editing or backing up.

The first option is the standard copy/paste from one drive to the next.  Simple and easy, but not always the most reliable.   You’ll also see how to use a third party application to double check your backup byte for byte, so nothing gets lost in the moving of files.  The tutorial showcases this R3D Data Manager app (now called Double Data) as a way to more securely move your files.  This app works with video files from either the RED Digital line of cameras or the Arri Alexa.

For more information on the R3D Data Manager/Double Data, you should also check out this extensive post by filmmaking blog The Black and Blue which offers the pros and cons of using this app in your workflow (hint: it’s HIGHLY recommended).

What processes do you have in place to make sure your video footage is safely backed up and secure?  Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!