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Roundtripping from Avid to DaVinci Resolve

Danny Greer

In this video tutorial you’ll learn how to ‘double round trip’ your video footage from DaVinci Resolve to Avid and back again.

DaVinci resolve is a powerful post production app for both dailies creation and color grading work, but how does it fit into a video editing workflow? You can roundtrip with Resolve and your video editing app, but you’ll need to apply the correct process and settings to make it work seamlessly.

In the following video tutorial Andrew from PixelWizard Post shows you how to roundtrip Resolve to Avid by:

  1. Creating Dailies in Resolve
  2. Bringing the dailies footage into Avid
  3. Editing and exporting Avid project
  4. Bringing project into Resolve for color correction and grading
  5. Exporting out of Resolve for final delivery

Highlights of the roundtrip from Resolve to Avid to Resolve tutorial include:

  • Footage and timecode settings in Resolve
  • Adding timecode burn-in in Resolve
  • Proper footage and file organization
  • Import and export settings in Resolve and Avid

This is an intermediate level tutorial, so prior experience working in both Resolve and Avid is suggested. Using only these two apps, this roundtrip workflow provides a powerful post production solution for film and video pros! Thanks for sharing, Andrew!

UPDATE 11/22/16: The original tutorial video has since gone offline. As alternatives, these two tutorials provide similar workflows…

ADVANCED DaVinci Resolve Roundtripping by Lets Edit MC and Kevin P McAuliffe:

Avid Davinci Resolve Round Trip by GeniusDV and John Lynn: