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Create Dynamic Slideshows with Video Scrapbook

Danny Greer

If you’re looking to make a dynamic slideshow the Video Scrapbook Plugin from Natress Visual Effects provides an interesting alternative.

Creating a video slideshow is pretty monotonous work…but it’s a common task for some video editors and photographers.  A few years back the process of animating a video slideshow was totally painful – having to keyframe the motion of individual images, add transitions, etc.  Luckily, new apps have sprung up to automate much of this process.  iPhoto, Aperture, Lightroom, Powerpoint (gasp!) and other photo apps have slideshow functions built-in.

There are times however when it still makes sense to create a video slideshow in an editing application.  Perhaps you’re looking to combine photos and live videos, or simply seeking a more robust, customizable alternative.  The Scrapbook plugin from Natress fills this niche.  Automate motion and create unique photo transitions inside of Final Cut Pro X, Apple Motion and After Effects.

The package consists of a suite of filters and transitions created specifically for photo use:

Directional Blur Transition Glow Dissolve Transition
Lens Flare Wipe Transition Picture Wipe Transition
Squeeze Blur Transition Star Dissolve Transition
Keep It Moving Filter Vignette Focus Filter

Another handy feature is the background builder, a generator that auto-creates backgrounds for photos that don’t fit the frame (portrait shots).  No more black bars on either side of these photos, nice!  Scrapbook is a nice alternative for someone who wants the flexibility a video editing app provides, but doesn’t want to spend hours and hours keyframing photos.

Download a free trial of Video Scrapbook or purchase for $49.

Looking to create a more simple slideshow?  Check out our previous post on How to Create a Video Slideshow in Final Cut Pro X.”