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Special Effects: Making it Rain for Noah

Danny Greer

This behind-the-scenes video shows how they successfully created an incredible rainstorm on-set for Aronofsky’s Noah.

Noah Special Effects
Image from FXGuide

Noah is sweeping up the box office, an epic-sized blockbuster filled to the brim with special effects and cutting edge filmmaking techniques. The film blends CG with organic effects…one of the main ones being a torrential downpour of rain.

A recent post by FXGuide give a ton of insight into how this amazing effect was achieved. Special effects supervior Burt Dalton says “We had an acre and a half to two acres that had to be fully engulfed in rain..It had to have continuous massive rain running through it, non-stop for long shots.” The 15 day rain shoot used over one million gallons of water, the largest practical rain effects setups every created.

Three iPad controlled rainbars were constructed (100 X 40 feet) to douse this area and give it a realistic monsoon look. This behind-the-scenes video from FXGuide and Wired shows you how they pulled it off:

Head over to FXGuide for a TON of details on this elaborate special effects setup. Pretty awesome, don’t you think?