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spotPoint: Free Lighting Plugin for FCPX

Danny Greer
By Danny Greer

Create cool effects with this useful spotlight/point light FREE Final Cut Pro X plugin!


Final Cut Pro X editor Paul from ProduceNewMedia.com has recently released a handy lighting plugin for FCPX.  Created in Motion, this plugin provides a one dimensional flat light source on your video footage.

spotPoint free FCPX pluginSimply choose a spotlight or point light and drag to the right spot on your video frame.  For a unique effect, tint the light with the color picker or simply leave it white.  Additional keyframable lighting controls include:

  • Intensity
  • Falloff
  • Spot Spread Control
  • Spot Edge Softener

Use spotPoint drastically to reveal parts of the frame, or more subtly to highlight parts of the video image.  The latest version of this FCPX plugin, spotPoint Duo, allows you to simulatenously use a spot and point light.  Very cool.

For more information and to download this FREE FCPX plugin visit ProduceNewMedia.com.  You can check out a demo video of the lighting effect in-action on Vimeo.

spotPoint FCPX plugin