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Seen This? The Art of Steadicam

Danny Greer

The Steadicam is synomymous with high quality film and video production – sweeping and stabilized shots. The following video compiles some of the best Steadicam shots of all time to impressive effect!

Creative Inspiration - Steadicam

It takes skill and LOTS of practice to be a successful Steadicam operator.  The best Steadicam operators are highly sought after and constantly in-demand.  It’s a physically and mentally demanding job to consistently pull off smooth shots with depth and motion.  Steadicam shooting is an art.

The following video aptly named “The Art of Steadicam” shows off some of this ‘fancy footwork’ in a montage of some of the very best Steadicam shots in film and video history.  Video production company Refocused Media compiled these all-star shots from a list of the best rated Steadicam shots on Steadishots.org.

Great inspiration for anyone interested in filmmaking and a tribute to one of the hardest working position in showbusiness, the Steadicam Operator: