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The BIG List: Free FCPX Effects, Filters and Templates

Danny Greer
By Danny Greer

In this post we’ve rounded up the best free FCPX filters, transitions templates and plugins on the ‘net!

Final Cut Pro X has opened up a new market of plugin and filter developers… and much to our appreciation many are giving away these products for free!  Check out the sites below to find where you can score FREE effects for FCPX!

Digital Heaven

Grid X
This is one generator that was initially developed for FCP “Classic” versions, and has now been ported over to FCPX.  Essentially, the generator creates a customizable grid pattern (you can choose the number of vertical/horizontal divisions), allowing you to evenly space elements in the frame.  For those working often with graphic elements this free Final Cut Pro X plug-in is a lifesaver.

Grid X

Wide Safe X
Although FCPX has a basic title safe tool, Digital Heaven has expanded made title safe more functional with a filter that allows you to adjust the aspect ratio of the safe zone.  For instance, this filter would be very handy if your project has a 16×9 aspect ratio but you want to know what it would look like if it were center cut (the left and right sides of the frame are cut to make it a 4×3 project).   One nice feature, it’ll dim the area of the frame that is outside of action / title safe.

Wide Safe X

Ripple Training

iPad Transition
Ripple Training continues to output high-quality training series for post applications…. and is now releasing free transitions and effects for Final Cut Pro X.  In this transition an iPad wipes the screen (you control the wipe direction).  Visit the site to download the effect as well as get step-by-step instructions on how to integrate it into your FCPX projects.

iPad Transition

Video in Text Titles
Add some style to your title sequences with this free template from Ripple Training.  Utilizing drop zones, the filter makes it simple to fill text with a video element.  The filter is customizable in the Final Cut Pro X inspector window.

Video in Text Titles

Picture in Picture
Although this filter accomplishes a relatively simple task, it’s great to keep this effect in your FCPX toolbox to automate the creation of a picture in picture.  Essentially it creates a border and drop shadow for video images that have been scaled down from their original size.  Very handy and totally free.

Picture in Picture

Simple 3D
Ripple has created a 3D filter for FCPX that allows you to move and rotate elements on the X. Y and Z planes.  One highlight of this useful plugin is the ability to keyframe this 3d motion.  For a very similar filter check out “Transform 3D” below.

Simple 3D

Final Cut Argentina

Emulate the popular vintage photo effects with this free FCPX plugin.  For a free filter, you’ve got loads of options including the ability to add a vignette, change the photo hue, add a classic photo border and incorporate light leaks.  Use this very simple FCPX filter to achieve some trendy photo effects!

Photo Filter

Timecode Reader
Argentinian Final Cut Pro Editor, Leo Hans offers up another free plugin – a timecode reader for clips used in FCPX timelines.  This functional tool will allow you to quickly pinpointed clip timecode (great if you’re working with script notes), making your edits more efficient.

Timecode Reader

Transform 3D
This effect mimics a filter that was included in ‘classic’ versions of FCP but was left out of FCPX… the ability to simulate 3D space.  Rotate and distort media in your timeline, moving them through and around “3D” space.  Thanks for sharing Leo!

Final Cut Pro 3D


Colorist’s Toybox
FCPEffects.com, an online store of free and for-sale effects for FCPX, bring you this free color correction plugin.  This filter allows you to modify brightness, contrast, hue and intensity settings of any clip it is applied to… a simple color correction tool.

Colorist Toybox

3D Glass Shelf Effect
This plugin also allows you to manipulate your footage in 3D space… but in addition, creates a modifiable reflection of the video footage.  Use it as a way to display video, or solely as a transition.  Either way, it’s a very clean modern look that will add some visual interest to your FCPX project.

3D Glass Shelf Effect

Motion Master Templates

Professional Video Editor Deyson Ortiz has created several free Motion templates as part of his Motion Master Templates site.These templates utilize the drop zones, are easy to use and modify and are optimized for high-def 1080.  These templates work in FCP 7 & X, as well as Motion 4 and 5.  While on the site, be sure to check out some of the other pay-for-use Motion templates!  Thanks for sharing Deyson!

Motion Master Templates

Alex 4D

Check out our previous post on the FREE FCPX transitions from post production professional Alex Gollner:
•  Mask 8 Point
•  Dissolves Start and Finish on Edit
•  Alex 4D Text Box
•  4 Up
•  Alex 4D Widescreen Matte
•  Smooth Move


Know some FCPX filters, effects or templates that should be included on this list?

We want to hear from you…let us know in the comments!!