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The Secret to Recording Clean Sound for Your Videos Using Only An iPhone

Danny Greer

In this short video, learn how using an iPhone can improve the audio quality of your video projects.

Whether you’ve yet to acquire pro audio equipment or have fallen prey to faulty sound gear, this tip from FStoppers‘ Lee Morris might just save the day.  Using the free iTalk app you can record audio with the iPhone’s internal microphone.  Lee shows you how to utilize the app while the camera is rolling and then quickly sync audio to video in your editing application.

Although the quality isn’t on par with pro lavalier and audio recording equipment, it’s still a tremendous improvement for DSLR or FLIP cam shooters that are currently recording audio in-camera.

This quick tip might just save your next project.

Check out the original post over at FStoppers.


Use An iPhone To Record High Quality Audio For Your Videos from FStoppers on Vimeo.