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This LED Lighting Hack Can Literally Illuminate Mountains

Caleb Ward

There’s no subject too big for this lighting rig. Learn how to create an ultra-bright LED lighting panel with this crazy DIY tutorial.

Quick Disclaimer: Due to the intense brightness produced by this lighting hack it is unsafe to shine this light towards aircraft or moving vehicles.

LED lights have quickly become a staple in the filmmaking community… and for a good reason. Having the ability to power your lights with batteries is an amazing advantage over traditional lights. LED lights have long been used in industrial-strength flashlights, so it was only a matter of time until a filmmaker repurposed these lights to create an amazing light setup.

LED light towards sky

This technique create by rctestflight shows us how to create an LED light panel capable of producing up to 90,000 lumens worth of light. The end result is so powerful that you can literally light clouds and mountains with the rig.

Here’s what the final LED light setup will look like:

LED Light Example

The tutorial explains that using this setup will yield about 10 minutes of continuous lighting so you won’t be able to light that mountain for long, but using the light you could conceivably get some really cool shots.

Items to Buy:

Tools Needed:

  1. Drill
  2. Small Hole Saw

Here’s the tutorial created by rctestflight. If you’re into electronics and DIY build,s I highly recommend checking out their channel. Not all of the tutorials are filmmaking or photography related, but the channel is definitely cool if you’re into that sort of thing.

Have you ever created a high-powered lighting rig? Share in the comments below.