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Three DIY Teleprompter Builds

Matt Hibbard

Learn how to create your own video teleprompter in these great video tutorials.

A professional teleprompter can set set you back thousands of dollars, but if you don’t mind getting handy, constructing a DIY teleprompter using a Kindle, iPad or other tablet can save you a considerable amount of cash. From corporate and commercial videos to web videocasts, a teleprompter is a great tool to have at your disposal.

DIY Teleprompter #1

This video tutorial was shared by Indie Mogul on their YouTube Channel.

The basic supplies and picture frame needed to build the rig will set you back approximately $35, but you will need access to a Kindle or an iPad (an additional $100-$400).

This DIY project does require an assortment of power tools.

Using the regular glass that came with a wooden frame can look decent, but ultimate clarity for the talent reading the prompter can be achieved by tracking down mirrored glass from your local glass shop (you may even get it free). Griffin from Indie Mogul has an update below:

DIY Teleprompter #2

This video tutorial was shared by Chris Hall on his YouTube Channel.

After having seen Griffin Hammond’s DIY teleprompter, Chris Hall made his own DIY build. While they use some similarities like an 8 x 10 picture frame and other parts, both designs have their advantages/disadvantages. Chris’s build is a more solid, wooden DIY design but it lacks portability in the extra weight.

DIY Teleprompter #3

If you need a portable teleprompter that fits 15 mm rails, look no further than this great DIY build from heyjustj Creative Services.  Again, the bulk of the cost is in the device (tablet) needed to drive the prompter. Additional supplies will set you back about $50.

Prompter Apps

Once you have your DIY prompter created you’ll need to find the right app to drive it:

  • ProPrompter is a great (under $10) app for iPhone/iPads/iPod Touch enabling full control over the scroll speed and other features with an additional iPhone/iPad.
  • Teleprompter Pro Lite is a great, free professional teleprompter app for iPads.
  • Prompt! Light FREE is great software for 2500 characters or less if you run your scripts from a laptop.
  • Android Prompter is free prompt software made for Android phones featuring total control over font size, scroll speed, mirroring text, etc.

Have any DIY tutorials you would like to share?
Let us know in the comments below.