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Five Ways Music Will Enhance Your Television Advertising

Danny Greer

When it comes to crafting attention-getting TV commercials, advertising music is essential for connecting with your audience.

Television commercial music

We live in an age of over-communication.  The average person is bombarded with approximately 5,000 advertising messages a day.  As a result, consumers have grown increasingly resistant to efforts by businesses to promote their products and services.  So, when it comes to crafting attention-getting advertisements, music in TV commercials is essential.  Music can offer the following benefits:

  1. It entertains the prospect – Most people don’t like sales pitches, but they love to be entertained.  That’s where TV commercial music offers its first major benefit.  A catchy tune or song grabs the viewer’s attention and draws them into the commercial from the moment that it begins.
  2. It provides structure and continuity to the commercial – In order for any message to be effective, it must have a unifying theme.  A musical score contributes to this effect.  It can also guide the viewer through scene transitions.  A commercial tells a story, and music helps it to do this.
  3. It makes the commercial more memorable – Research shows that a multi-sensory experience is far more likely to be remembered than one that is strictly visual.  That’s why jingles are a staple of both radio and TV commercials.  Viewers may dismiss spoken words and even images, but tunes have a way of sticking in their heads.
  4. Music speaks to the emotions –Like it or not, humans make decisions based on feelings and emotions much more often than by using facts and logical analysis; and nothing stirs emotions like music does.
  5. Music assists in targeting key demographics – Whether you’re selling luxury autos, ring tones, or anything else, music intended for your targeted audience will help frame your message so that viewers pick up on it.

Implement music in all of your commercial projects to make them more memorable to your viewing audience! Premiumbeat has an extensive library of music tailored for thousands of different purposes, including TV advertising music.  We invite you to browse our site and see how we can empower your advertising efforts and improve your bottom line.