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Video Editing Behind-the-Scenes: Saturday Night Live

Danny Greer

Think you’ve worked under some tight deadlines? Try cutting a complex spot for Saturday Night Live, roughly 24 hours before it airs.

SNL’s ‘The Beygency‘ has exploded online over the last week. The spot is a faux film trailer based on a fictionalized government agency that enforces positive fandom toward Beyonce – really, you’ve just got to see it. High production value, great plays on trailer cliches and loads of laughs…it’s no wonder it’s been an online hit. Take a look:

But what we love even more than the spot itself, is getting a behind-the-scenes look at how it was created…

FastCompany recently got some feedback from the editor of the spot, Adam Epstein. Starting at 4pm on Friday afternoon the video editing team worked around the clock to get the spot ready for air on Saturday night. In fact, the video wasn’t even finalized until after it aired, with the final tweaks being made for the online version. Editors take note: the crew from SNL is using Premiere Pro.

Here’s a timelapse of the editing in action, along with corresponding time clock. If you ever feel overwhelmed by a deadline in the edit bay – it could always be harder, right?