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Video Encoding Presets for Kindle Fire, Nook, iPad and Android Tablets

Danny Greer

Encode videos for playback on a tablet device using presets for Adobe Media Encoder CS6.

Tablet Encoding

Hot off the heels of the Creative Suite 6 release, Adobe is already making preset updates to Media Encoder.  New tablet products mean more avenues for video playback.  Adobe is making it simple to optimize your video encoding for tablet devices.

The free preset download specifically addresses video encoding for:

  • Amazon Kindle Fire
  • Barnes and Noble Nook
  • Apple iPad
  • Tablets using the Android operating system

Kindle Fire and Barnes and Noble Nook Color are two emerging entrants into the tablet arena and it’s nice to see they’re already receiving some 3rd party encoding support (makes it much simpler for video editors / media managers).  On top of encoding support for these tablet devices, presets are also included for XDCAM EX and AVC-Intro in MXF wrappers.

Although this update is avaliable for both PC and MAC versions of Adobe Media Encoder, MAC users can also download an additional set of ProRes video presets.

If you’re not already using Adobe Media Encoder, you can receive it as part of CS6 Production Premium or as one of the apps in Adobe’s new Creative Cloud subscription service.

Adobe Media Encoder users download tablet encoding presets HERE.