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How To Manually White Balance a DSLR Camera

Danny Greer

In the following video tutorial you’ll discover how to manually set your DSLR white balance for shooting video.  VERY useful info!

DSLR Video Camera

Adorama has been putting out a fantastic series of video production tips and tutorials.  The video below comes from that series, and showcases a technique that all DSLR photo and video shooters need to know.

Auto white balance may work pretty well for still images, but with video it’s a different story.  Video production and post professional Rich Harrington explains that you don’t want the camera to be auto correcting white balance during or between shots.  This will make your shots inconsistent (especially with outdoor shooting).

The highlights of this video tutorial include:

  • Creating DSLR white balance presets
  • Using a calibration target to manually set white balance and focus
  • Manually choosing color temperature in-camera
  • Bringing the footage into a non-linear video editing application for post white balance

Important tips for the new and experienced DSLR video shooter.  Don’t rely on the ‘auto white balance’ setting when shooting DSLR video!  Instead, manually calibrate and white balance your DSLR camera for consistent results.