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Why Sign Up as a Premiumbeat.com Member?

Gilles Arbour

Multiple benefits – that’s why.

At premiumbeat.com you do not have to become a member to purchase our products.

But consider the following benefits:

1. Faster check out

As registered member you can fill all your information in the required fields and with each subsequent order all the info is pre-filled for you. All you need to add is your Credit Card information on our secure server.

2. Immediate downloads

Whenever you purchase one of our products we send you an email with the download link. As a member you can also retrieve your order from your account at your convenience. No need to wait for email instructions, your download page is immediately available.

3. Detailed order History

At any time you can see all your orders as well as print the invoice and license for all your purchased products.

4. Access your Favorites from anywhere

You’ve made a list of favorites. You can now access that list from any computer at home, at work or anywhere by logging into your account.

5. Preview History

You have been previewing music for the last 20 minutes. You would like to go back to a tune you liked 10 minutes ago. No problem, your preview history has kept in memory all your previewed music.

6. Send-to-friend History

While listening to music you have sent few tracks to your client to see if they like it for their project. You’re not quite sure anymore which tracks you sent her. No problem, your Send-to-Friend History is right there for you.

7. All current Membership features have been requested by our customers

We intend to keep enhancing the Members section. As a member you will have first hand experience and your contribution will be specially relevant and applicable.

You want to sign up as a Member? It takes less than one minute and it’s FREE! Just CLICK on “Create account” on top of the page.

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Contact us at support@premiumbeat.com