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Win a Copy of Sapphire – A Stylized Pack of Light Leaks & Effects

Danny Greer

Our friends from LensDistortions.com have released Sapphire, a high quality light leaks effect pack. We’ve got two copies to give away!

Lens Distortions

UPDATE: THE CONTEST HAS NOW ENDED. Thanks to all who entered.

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The Sapphire lens distortion effects pack was created by shooting shards of glass and crystal with a RED camera for extraordinary detail. These aren’t simply light leak clips. Unlike other effects packs that are just clip overlays, these light distortions actually manipulate the footage they’re applied to by adding blur, warp and distress to video in After Effects. In turn, the effects feel more dynamic and organic. Check out the lens distortions in action:

Want to use the effects in Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X or AVID? Each of the 51 lens distortion effects in this pack also comes with ProRes video files that can be used in the video editing app of your choice. Layer the ProRes clip over your video footage and modify with blending modes or add color correction to get unique looks.

There’s quite a few light leak filters and plugins on the market for video editors, but what we really like about Sapphire is how the effect dynamically interacts with your video footage in After Effects to really sell the look.

Sapphire is available for purchase on the LensDistortions site in 2 flavors: 2K for $99 or 4K for $129.