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10 Filmmaking News Sites You Should Visit Everyday

Jourdan Aldredge

Filmmakers should always be striving to improve their skillset. Whether that means staying up-to-date on the latest camera and tech releases and breakthroughs, or constantly on the lookout for new lighting techniques or editing tutorials, it’s good advice for filmmakers to have several website resources they can check up on regularly.

So, fire up your favorite browser and get ready to set some bookmarks. We’re going to explore our ten favorite filmmaking news sites you should absolutely be checking every day.

1. Filmmaker IQ

Filmmaker IQ
Image via Filmmaker IQ.

About as fun and informative as a website can be, Filmmaker IQ should pique the interest of aspiring filmmakers and veteran video production experts alike. The brains behind the site, John Hess, does an amazing job of covering a wide array of topics on the site and YouTube channel. His offerings range from camera issues, video editing tips and tricks, and some of the more odd and interesting aspects of film (most notably: how one can acquire both armrests at a movie theater, why all evil people in Star Wars have British accents, and what’s up with Martin Scorsese’s eyebrows).

Definitely keep this one bookmarked for some awesome information. Filmmaker IQ also makes for great educational entertainment to help give your mind and creativity a nice midday kick.

2. Filmmaker Magazine

Filmmaker Magazine
Image via Filmmaker Magazine.

Are you someone who’s more interested in the actual indie filmmaking side of film and video? Then Filmmaker Magazine is one of the best for covering the latest and greatest indie films and filmmakers. Starting as an actual magazine in 1992, Filmmaker Magazine continues on its indie film legacy with a robust website. It’s the perfect place to check out reviews on film festivals. What’s more, Filmmaker Magazine offers some insightful interviews with some of the best up-and-coming writers, directors, and filmmakers.

Filmmaker Magazine is still very much a physical magazine you can subscribe to as well, if you’re someone who cherishes the opportunity to unplug from the internet, but still wants to have something fun to read in real life. Check out the Filmmaker Mag subscription.

3. Newsshooter

Image via Newsshooter.

On the flipside of Filmmaker Magazine, for those more interested in the latest camera and gear news of the day to help them out in their video production careers, Newsshooter is one of the best sites to refresh daily. Founded as “DSLR Newsshooter” by Dan Chung back in 2009, Newshooter quickly became a handy resource for the many run-and-gun DSLR videographers who were part of the digital video revolution.

Today, it’s still an amazing resource for all types of camera updates. It also features general gear news, including lenses, lighting, audio software, and camera accessories. If you’re always looking at new cameras and wanting to explore the latest gear, keep this site close by.

4. No Film School

No Film School
Image via No Film School.

One of the most prolific film and video websites of the past decade, No Film School truly embodies its name. This page is fully dedicated to providing all the news and information one might need to start off in film, without necessarily making the heavy investment in an actual film school. No Film School is kind of a best of both worlds site as it combines camera, tech, and gear news with more thorough stories on indie films and filmmakers. Plus, with some impactful event and festival coverage to boot.

You can also listen to the No Film School podcast. You’ll get a weekly mix of tech news, industry hoopla and trends, and some cool and insightful interviews with DPs, editors, and directors on their latest films and projects.

5. Motionographer

Image via Motionographer.

For the video editors and motion graphics artists, Motiongrapher is a wonderful website dedicated to sharing the best in “moving media.”

Here you’ll find everything from inspiring videos to important news in the world of motion design, animation, and visual effects. It’s also perfect if you’re an astute student of Adobe After Effects. or other advanced programs like Blender or Cinema 4D.

Motionographer is also just an awesome site to check daily to see some of the best 3D animations and videos for cool and technical inspiration. You can submit to Motionographer as well, if you’re looking to get some of your or your team’s work featured.

6. Film School Rejects

Film School Rejects
Image via Film School Rejects.

Film School Rejects is for those who might not have had the experience of going to a full-time college film program, but want to dive into the curriculum. Here you can explore all the articles, theory, and news, all of which is easily available online. Founded in 2006, Film School Rejects has become one of the best sites online to read some educational explorations into the latest films and going-ons in the industry.

Film School Rejects also has a sister documentary blog called Nonfics, which offers similar content in the documentary-world. Plus, they curate the popular Twitter channel One Perfect Shot, providing thousands of examples of cinematography inspiration.

7. Provideo Coalition

Provideo Coalition
Image via Provideo Coalition.

One of the legacy names in web film and video coverage, Provideo Coalition is the site to follow for the latest news on everything about video—spanning from production to post-production. It’s one of the rare, more technical, websites targeted for those in the industry looking for in-depth analysis and reviews.

It also features one of the greatest interview series out there, with “Art of the Cut” by Steve Hullfish. This series provides deep insight into the minds and techniques of some of the most prominent film and video editors in the business.

8. PremiumBeat

PremiumBeat Blog
Image via PremiumBeat.

Alright, alright, you’ve got us. You’re reading the PremiumBeat blog right now! But, rest assured, The Beat should absolutely be included on this list. It’s another fantastic resource for both aspiring and seasoned film and video professionals. In an industry that’s changing rapidly, both in terms of technology as well as content, it’s truly advantageous to try to stay in-touch and up-to-date on all the latest news and trends.

Along with following the PremiumBeat blog, you can also check us out on our PremiumBeat YouTube channel for more in-depth features and tutorials.

9. Shutterstock Blog and Tutorials

Shutterstock Tutorials
Image via Shutterstock Tutorials.

Similarly, you can also follow us on the Shutterstock Blog and Shutterstock Tutorials YouTube channel for even more content and tuts to keep your skills ever-expanding. The Shutterstock Blog is also the perfect place to keep up on the latest industry trends, which reach beyond just videography, venturing deeper into the worlds of photography and design.

And, as always, there will be tons of free creative asset downloads, footage elements, and curated stock collections for all your creative projects, big and small.

10. Rocketstock

Image via Rocketstock.

And, in a final self-promotion, you should absolutely check out the Rocketstock website and blog daily for the best collections of video elements and After Effects templates. What’s more, you’ll find all the latest tips, tutorials, and news for working in the wide world of motion design.

And, if you’re someone who loves FREE stuff and trying out new templates and elements, be sure to sign up for Rocketstock’s monthly freebies here. Plus, keep your eyes out for drops of the newest video element packs to punch up your latest animations and designs.

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