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25 FREE Action Compositing Elements from RocketStock

Download these 25 FREE explosive, action-based elements to add some serious production value your next adventure film or video project.

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RocketStock’s latest freebie pack is here to blow your boring action scenes away. Instead of burning through your budget on expensive VFX sequences that you might not even end up using, try out these 25 free elements. This pack is compatible with every major NLE — the freebie is a collection of samples from RocketStock’s other action-based VFX bundles.

Action Freebie Pack

We captured each of these elements organically with cinema cameras and lenses. The debris, muzzle flashes, explosions, fire, and smoke elements are a surefire way to add serious production value to your project. RocketStock captures all the elements in 6K with 4K options possible, making your VFX workflow easy and affordable.

RocketStock offers several VFX packs that are easy to use even if you don’t know much about motion graphics and VFX. From lens flares to light leaks to corporate motion graphic packs, there’s enough to add some serious flare to any project.

We used some of the elements in the freebie in our recent short film, “Escape Room” (you should check it out — it’s awesome). And to demonstrate how you can use these elements yourself, we’ve put together a step-by-step tutorial showing how we did it.

So click the download button below to get your next action-adventure project moving.


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