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40+ Free Footstep Foley Sound Effects for Sound Design

Todd Blankenship

This pack of over 40 different footstep foley sound effects has everything you need for adding walking and running sounds to your film or video projects.

Everyone needs to add some footstep sound design to their video and film projects at some point. Adding foley sound effects can bring more convincing realism to your work, and using sound design effectively can help you guide your audience’s attention and enhance certain aspects of your scene.

This pack of 40+ Footstep Sound Effects includes the following:

  • 13 different step textures (wood, concrete, gravel, snow, water, etc.).
  • Different speeds and shoe types for each texture.
  • High-quality .wav format audio.
  • Room tone for filling gaps in the sound design.
  • 42 total audio files.

Download this pack of 40+ Footstep Foley Sound Effects

Click the button below to download the footstep sound effects. In the download, you’ll find everything you need to get started. These elements are free to use in any personal or commercial projects. By downloading, you agree not to resell or redistribute these free assets.


How to Use These Free Footstep Sound Effects

40+ Free Footstep Foley Sound Effects for Sound Design — How to Use These Effects

These sound effects include different speeds (running, walking, sneaking) on various textures and shoe types. Within this pack, there are 13 different textures for just about any type of footstep you’d need.

This pack of 40+ free footstep sound effects includes textures like snow, puddles, wood, concrete, gravel, dirt, leaves, and more.

40+ Free Footstep Foley Sound Effects for Sound Design — 40+ Free Sounds

These SFX will work in any nonlinear editing software. Even though there are different speeds for each texture and shoe type, they still might not match up to the pace of the character walking in your scene. To fix this, trim the portions between steps and move the subsequent step forward.

In the case that you need to add a little more space, the pack also includes a 30-second clip of room tone. Using this, it’s very easy to fill in the gaps if necessary.

40+ Free Footstep Foley Sound Effects for Sound Design — Completely Free

It’s very easy to customize these sound effects to your particular scene. For slow-motion scenes, you can easily slow the clips down to get a deeper sound, or perhaps use the boot portion of that particular sound-effect, so you get a deeper tone.

When a character moves from one side of the scene to the other, consider panning the audio from one side to the other.

These techniques will be key to getting the most realistic result.

40+ Free Footstep Foley Sound Effects for Sound Design — Realistic Results

We recorded these footstep sound effects in-house in a controlled environment.

BONUS: Complete Your Soundscape With These FREE Ambient Sound Effects

Footstep sound effects sound really strange in a vacuum. You need to build a soundscape around them for them to really sing. This requires some great ambient sound. To get you started on the right track with the very same ambient sound elements used in the footsteps SFX trailer above, check out our pack of 15 FREE Ambient SFX.

This pack includes everything from the interior of a coffee shop to a sunny day in the woods with birds chirping. Between both of these packs, you’re on your way to building an extensive sound effects library.

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