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5 Actually Useful Wrap Gifts Your Crew Will Appreciate

Wrap gifts show your crew that they were worth a little extra time and some personal consideration. Here are five ideas for gifts they can actually use.

Cover image via Travelchair.

The wrap party is the final act of the production — a time for the crew to come together and celebrate the completion of the shoot. This is especially true for producers, directors, and department heads. A good set or department leader knows to take this opportunity to make their crew feel valued beyond their paycheck.

What’s a great way to do this? Wrap gifts.

Wrap Party Gifts

Here are some ideas for gifts that will help your crew out on their next job — or at least make it more comfortable.

1. Notebooks

Notebooks are one of the most important tools on any set. Two that I absolutely love are Elan’s Indestructible, Weatherproof Field Notebooks and the Rocketbook Everlast.

5 Actually Useful Wrap Gifts Your Crew Will Appreciate — Elan Field Book

(Image via Elan Publishing.)

The Indestructible Field Notebook is just that: pocket-sized and unbreakable. It’ll work just the same regardless of whatever wild location you might be shooting in.

5 Actually Useful Wrap Gifts Your Crew Will Appreciate — Rocketbook

(Image via Rocketbook.)

The Rocketbook Everlast is something else entirely. It is a washable, re-usable notebook (already awesome) that kicks it up a notch with some amazing “cloud-scalability.” Translated from techno-jargon: you can use their app to save your notes on Google Drive, Dropbox, or a handful of other supported apps. It is a super quick and effective way to organize and archive your notes.

It also looks like they offer custom designs. If the budget permits, order custom books with the production logo on the cover.

2. Yeti Drinkware

5 Actually Useful Wrap Gifts Your Crew Will Appreciate — Yeti Drinkware

(Image via Yeti.)

I’m not a big brand purist normally. Yeti makes lots of amazing drink ware, but what separates them from the myriad of other similar products is that they offer custom designs. Like the Everlast, if you can afford it, get them show-branded.

All of Yeti’s products are fantastic at insulating beverages in hot or cold environments. Like the Indestructible Notebook, no matter where your crew’s future sets take them, they’ll be a little better off thanks to this gift.

One thing to consider: the classic Yeti tumbler is a sensation. Many people already have several. Consider some of their other designs to stand out a little more.

3. Expendables

5 Actually Useful Wrap Gifts Your Crew Will Appreciate — Expendables

On almost every set, there are tons of leftover expendables the production has to purchase. Consider assembling packages of these remaining materials as a gesture to the crew.

Place an extra high priority on gaff tape. Every department uses it. Extra points if you have enough left over to give each member a couple rolls apiece.

4. Power Banks and USB Hubs

5 Actually Useful Wrap Gifts Your Crew Will Appreciate — Power Banks

(Image via Anker.)

Power banks have become awesome over the past few years. Many companies offer branded banks, but most of them are pretty worthless. Do a little research before purchasing these for your crew. Anker makes great, affordable banks.

A quick power bank tip: look for banks with 10400 mAh or greater. This will give the user 2-3 full charges on their phone. Also, make sure it can output 2.1 Amps.

5 Actually Useful Wrap Gifts Your Crew Will Appreciate — USB Hubs

(Image via Anker.)

USB hubs are super useful — especially to anyone who works on their computer while on set. Look for hubs with multiple USB 3.1 ports, and consider that many people on set own Macbooks, so make sure the bank has USB Type-C options on the back end.

5. Portable Folding Chairs

5 Actually Useful Wrap Gifts Your Crew Will Appreciate — Portable Chairs

(Image via AlexSN_Photography.)

These are pretty self-explanatory. Small, collapsable camping stools are an easy addition to anyone’s kit. Like the Yeti bottles, these are super useful, and they can bring huge relief to hectic sets or shoots in extreme locations.

Coleman makes several options that look great, but there are hundreds of other options available.

5 Actually Useful Wrap Gifts Your Crew Will Appreciate — Travelchair

(Image via Travelchair.)

I prefer the small stools over full chairs simply for their smaller footprint when stowed. The best chair is the one you always have with you.

All of these ideas are simply to get you thinking. Feel free to take all of them or none of them, but the biggest thing you can do for your crew is to show you appreciate them as individuals. Find a way to meet a need they all share. Showing thoughtfulness in your gifts will earn you so much more credit with your team than anything on this list.

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