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5 Underrated Ways to Promote YouTube Videos

Nicolai Yakimchuk

Check out this list of  highly underrated ways to promote YouTube videos. Apply them properly and you just might get more eyes on your videos and channel!

Uploading a video to YouTube is just the beginning. The real fun comes when you decide to find ways to get your video in front of a larger audience. After you’ve applied basic and advanced techniques in boosting your video’s ranking in search, try out these valuable (and often underrated) tips to enhance the reach of your YouTube videos.

1) Build YouTube Playlists Around Your Videos

Promote YouTube Videos: Playlists
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Playlists play an extremely important role in distributing your video content on YouTube. Frankly speaking, playlists need to be in the center of your channel strategy. Why so? Well, playlists make it significantly easy for viewers to watch multiple videos with no effort at all. Since you hook viewers up for several videos in your playlist, the overall watch time is increased dramatically.

To create successful playlists, be very strategic. You don’t need to stuff all your videos in one single playlist. Group videos by topic so that viewers want to watch the videos in one shot. Don’t be too self-centered while creating playlists. Create playlists using your own videos and other videos if they fit the topic.

You may want to order your own videos to be at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of your playlist. Playlists need to be optimized with relevant descriptions so that viewers can find them in search. The optimization techniques described in an earlier post can come in handy here too. Publish playlists within your YouTube channel. In this way, the playlists will easily reach your subscribers.

2) Collaborate With Other Creators on YouTube

Promote YouTube Videos: Collaborate
Image from Shameless Maya

Collaborating with other video creators (especially channels catering to audiences similar to yours) is a proven method to get your channel beyond its regular reach.  You’ll likely find that video creators are open to testing new content and giving new stuff to their viewers.

So, the task is to find channels which work for your audience and reach out to them. What to do next? Guest starring is one of the most popular techniques. Some other ways that work include: joint hangouts, exchange of video uploads, and links (both in-video and in text descriptions).

One caveat to bear in mind — After the above cross-promotional events take place, make sure you continue “feeding” your new subscribers with videos on a regular basis. That content will determine if your new followers want to stick around.

 3) Promote Your Videos on Friendly Blogs

Promote YouTube Videos: Bloggers
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In the same vein as reaching out to fellow YouTubers, create a circle of bloggers who can help drive video views by embedding your videos into their posts. By the way… this one is real tough! Bloggers treasure the relationship they’ve cultivated with their readers and will be cautious about any content coming their way.

To start off, track down the sites that embed your videos. How to track them down? Set Google Alerts for your channel name, your video titles, and specific keywords you use in the video descriptions. Contact bloggers with the videos most relevant to their preferred writing subjects. Why not invite bloggers to check your playlists out too?

4) Insert Your Videos in Email Updates

Promoting your content by email does work, even though there are rumors email is dead. Remember that your subscribers provided their emails voluntarily! You’ve already won their hearts. So give them more news and updates.

If you have a list of email subscribers, send them a message every time you upload a new video. If you send regular newsletters, mention your videos in these emails. Adding a description and an attractive screenshot or thumbnail in the email is usually enough to start getting clicks and, eventually, video views.

5) Use Old Public Relation Promotional Methods

Promote YouTube Videos: Public Relations
Image from VidCon

How do PR companies still exist in this digital era? Well, simply put, it’s because good old-fashioned PR works. A well-distributed press release containing your video can land you a lot of traffic and views. Talking in public or on the phone and following up with a summary (with your video in it!) is also part of the PR game. Presentations at various industry events also fall into this category.

Bonus Tips

Promote YouTube Videos: Production Values
Image from Austin Digital Group

Promoting your YouTube videos may seem an overwhelming task. But the more you promote your videos with good results, the more you will want to continue. Here are a couple of bonus tips:

Improve your video production.

Get a better camera, improve your sound, add some quality royalty free background music.

Create expectations and satisfy them.

Regular production and scheduled publishing – these are two keys to keep your audience engaged. You create an expectation. Make sure you live up to it.

Share on social.

YouTube is a massive social platform by itself. But you want to get your videos beyond it through sharing on other social media outlets. And Facebook is not your limit. Consider Twitter, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and LinkedIn.

The very last bonus tip.

If you are serious about promoting your videos on YouTube, download the YouTube Creator Playbook and read it through.

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Got any more cool tips about promoting videos on YouTube? Feel free to share in the comments below.