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Much Needed Updates Roll Out For Adobe Creative Cloud

Michael Maher

You can rest easy. Thanks to these Adobe Creative Cloud updates, After Effects and Premiere Pro should now stop crashing all the time.

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Adobe finally made some serious updates to Premiere Pro, After Effects, Media Encoder, and Audition. Plenty of users had major complaints with the previous update — which had many motion graphic artists and video editors frantically searching for previous versions to reinstall. The stories of constant crashes, playback issues, and incompatible project files (still an issue) were many.

The update does introduce support for the QuickTime Animation codec in Premiere Pro, After Effects, Media Encoder, Audition, and Prelude. There’s also native import support for the PNG video codec and AAC audio codec within QuickTime files.

How to Install Adobe Updates

Much Needed Updates Roll Out For Adobe Creative Cloud - Installing Updates

Creative Cloud Desktop Application:

Have the Creative Cloud Desktop application opened. If not, search for it under Applications. You will need to sign in to your Creative Cloud account.

Click the Creative Cloud icon on the top right of your computer screen. Click the settings wheel icon. Select Check for App Updates. Click updates on each app you wish to update.

Individual Application Updates:

If you prefer to update from within a program, have the program opened on your machine. Then chose Help > Updates…

Adobe has released the following information about each update:

Adobe Premiere Pro 2015.3 (10.4) Bug Fixes and Updates

Much Needed Updates Roll Out For Adobe Creative Cloud - Premiere Pro

  • Proxy media is supported when Dynamic Linking to After Effects
  • Several new QuickTime formats are now natively supported on Windows without the QuickTime player needing to be installed (Import: AAC, PNG, Animation codec; Export: Animation codec)
  • The HDR Specular slider in the Lumetri Panel now functions correctly
  • Frame accuracy has been improved when flattening a Multi-Camera Source Sequence containing speed changes
  • Issues encountered when transcoding image sequences on ingest have been resolved
  • The stability of FCP XML export has been improved
  • The stability of Multi-Camera Source Sequence creation has been improved.
  • Issues with incorrect numbers of audio channels when creating proxy files have been fixed
  • Performance issues with H264 media on Windows when ‘Enable Accelerated H264 Decoding’ was enabled have been fixed
  • Fixed an issue where a noise burst could occur when playing back at 2x with ‘Maintain pitch while shuttling’ enabled
  • Some issues with dragging Multi-Camera Source Sequences to a sequence or to the Project Panel have been resolved
  • .stl files now conform to EBU 3264
  • The Link Media dialog no longer has certain file types disabled
  • An issue with color control surfaces not correctly applying master track controls has been resolved
  • Fixed an issue with waveforms offsetting when flattening Multi-Camere Source Sequences
  • Fixed a rendering issue on scaled clips with OpenCL or CUDA
  • An issue with opacity handles from previous versions not being accessible has been fixed
  • Fixed an issue with black frames for RED files with a certain NVIDIA driver installed (368.39)
  • An issue where audio did not play back after enabling ‘Maintain Audio Pitch’ with a speed change in place has been fixed
  • Fixed an issue where trimming in the time line could disable Overlays from appearing
  • Includes 10.3 updates as well

After Effects 2015.3 (13.8.1) Bug Fixes and Updates

Much Needed Updates Roll Out For Adobe Creative Cloud - After Effects

The AE update fixes multiple bugs, including the annoying audio looping of exported compositions. 

  • After Effects no longer crashes (kernel panic) macOS 10.11 when started on certain Mac hardware with Nvidia GPU’s. A result of this change is that Mercury GPU Acceleration using Metal is not available for Mac hardware with Nvidia GPU’s. Mercury GPU Acceleration using OpenCL remains available.
  • H.264 and AVC footage no longer decode with random red frames on Windows computers with certain Intel HD graphics configurations. If you experienced this problem, red frames can still appear for previously cached footage until you clear the caches: click both the Empty Disk Cache and Clean Database & Cache buttons in Preferences > Media & Disk Cache.
  • Audio no longer unexpectedly loops incorrect samples towards the end of an After Effects composition, when exported via Adobe Media Encoder or dynamically linked to Premiere Pro.
  • Audio-only previews no longer fail to start if Cache Before Playback is enabled.
  • Audio-only previews now loop the preview-time indicator (PTI) to the start of the preview range as expected, in sync with audio playback.
  • Audio no longer unexpectedly loops during previews with the Skip Frames option enabled, if Cache Before Playback is enabled and you interrupt caching before the full range is cached.
  • Text template compositions in Premiere Pro no longer render some frames incorrectly.
  • The Info panel no longer opens unexpectedly if closed when, for example, you move the mouse pointer over the Composition panel.
  • Guides and grids draw at the expected width on Apple Retina displays.
  • Math equations are again evaluated when exiting numerical input fields in dialog boxes, or when OK’ing the dialog.
  • Adobe Bridge CC starts as expected when you choose File > Browse in Bridge, File > Reveal in Bridge, or Animation > Browse Presets.
  • Text, shape, or Illustrator layers no longer draw with unexpected thin horizontal lines.
  • Anti-aliasing has been corrected on text and shape layers.
  • Lights with a cone angle larger than 175° no longer cause After Effects to crash on Windows.
  • Stopping the render queue no longer experiences a long delay in certain situations before the render process stops on macOS.
  • Exporting a composition no longer has a small probability in certain scenarios of replacing random frames with the wrong frame from the cache.
  • Resizing a viewer panel is less likely to cause incorrect pixels to be drawn in the expanded or reduced regions of the panel.
  • Proxies are now recognized when sending footage to After Effects from Premiere Pro.
  • After Effects no longer crashes if you quit while Premiere Pro was rendering a dynamically linked composition.
  • After Effects no longer crashes when you set a color management profile for an output module.
  • Fixed a cause of crashes that occurred when the viewer panel was redrawn in certain cases, such as when panning with the Hand tool.
  • Fixed a cause of crashes that occurred when expressions were enabled in the project.
  • Fixed a cause of crashes that occurred when After Effects was quit.
  • Fixed a cause of crashes that occurred when After Effects was running in headless mode and quit.
  • Fixed a cause of crashes that occurred when After Effects decodes an incorrectly encoded alpha channel in Apple ProRes 4444 files written by certain third party encoders.

Adobe Media Encoder 2015.3 (10.4) Bug Fixes and Updates

Much Needed Updates Roll Out For Adobe Creative Cloud - Media Encoder

  • Fixed several issues encountered when ‘Premiere Pro > Import sequences natively’ was checked in the preferences
  • Several issues with ingest were resolved
  • Stability of the Media Browser has been improved
  • XAVC HD Intra Class 200 presets were replaced with Class 100 presets for improved compatibility with more devices
  • Issues where Destination Publishing could fail with due to a time-out have been resolved
  • Certain issues with Audio Hardware preferences have been resolved
  • Fixed issues where Lumetri looks were being incorrectly rendered, and ProRes exports could appear over-exposed

Adobe Audition 2015.2 (9.2.1) Bug Fixes and Updates

Much Needed Updates Roll Out For Adobe Creative Cloud - Audition

  • On-Clip UI status of grouped and suspend-grouped clips should be correct now
  • Audition may crash when moving a set of clips to new tracks during playback
  • Effects Rack presets properly imported to new version
  • Cases where Multitrack clips are not audible during playback
  • Improvements to ProRes Quicktime video file import
  • The Mixer gain settings may not visually match the Track Panel setting
  • Muted clips on non-muted track may become un-muted
  • Better handling for external media disconnection when using the Media Browser

Find any issues with the latest updates? Let us know in the comments below.