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Baselight Tutorials and Color Grading Breakdowns

Jonny Elwyn

Check out these breakdowns of a professional colorist’s commercial work as well as a look into the color grading system that created them.

Video Color Correction and Grading

Scott Maclean is a professional colorist at Cutting Edge Post and a while back he posted this awesome detailed breakdown of his color grading work on a Powerade television commercial. He’s just released another reel showcasing some more of his work as well as a few more interesting breakdowns. Color grading was done on a Baselight system.  Its well worth pausing on a few shots to really check out what’s going on:

If you’re curious to know what Baselight looks like, especially now you can purchase the Baselight for Avid or Final Cut Pro plugins (and have Baselight-like functionality right inside your NLE) then the following tutorials from FilmLight (makers of Baselight) as well as post house FilmLook, and their 21 year veteran colorist Allen Kelly, will help get you up to speed.

Baselight Tutorials

Film Look regularly posts Baselight tutorials on their blog and so far they’ve racked up 6 short episodes.  In each each tutorial colorist Allen Kelly walks through a few tips and tricks inside Baselight to improve the look and feel of the shots at hand.

In this video Allen demonstrates how to add camera shake and motion blur to a shot of an explosion to make it more dynamic:

Here Allen grades a night time shot of a car racing through the city, creating a nice high contrast look:

In this episode Allen tackles a ‘glamour’ shot of an actress helping to create a perfected, poppy look:

Baselight For Avid Tutorials

If you’re interested in checking out what the Baselight for Avid plugin can do then take time to watch through these detailed tutorials.

In this two part tutorial Bob Chorley demonstrates how to use layer mattes in Baselight for Avid’s plugin.

In this first of a three part series Bob works through using Baselight’s Keyframe and Tracking functionality.

Are you using Baselight?
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