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Everything We Know About Canon’s New Mirrorless Cameras

Jourdan Aldredge

According to the rumor mill, Canon is making some big leaps with some new mirrorless cameras. Here’s everything we know so far.

Cover image by Djordje Novakov.

Canon, long the poster child for DSLR camera technology, has been at the forefront of digital video and photography for casual users, prosumers, and industry professionals for years. However, in the last few years, mirrorless camera offerings from the likes of Sony and Panasonic have been making some major waves with their powerful alternatives.

Accordingly, from reports via Camera Rumors, Canon has at least two new mirrorless cameras in the works that could give the Sony a7S and Lumix GH5 a run for their money. Here’s everything we know.

A New Mirrorless Flagship

Everything We Know About Canon’s New Mirrorless Cameras — Mirrorless Flagship

Image via Canon.

Based on their current bellwether DSLR offering, the Canon 5D Mark IV, Canon is supposedly gearing up their mirrorless line to feature a similar flagship camera capable of full-frame 4K.

Similar to their 5D, though, the Canon mirrorless could feature a version of the 5D’s 30.4mp sensor, but it might be hard-pressed to match some of the ludicrous ISO and FPS options of the Sony a7S II and the Lumix GH5.

Canon K424 and K433

Everything We Know About Canon’s New Mirrorless Cameras — Canon K424 and K433

Image by Olexander Kozak.

Also, per Canon Rumors, the two new mirrorless offerings from Canon could be part of a whole new line of cameras, including some DSLR and Powershot upgrades. Reported as the Canon K424 and the K433, these new cameras would be similar in levels and prices to their 5D and 6D options, with the K424 set to be the “flagship” mentioned above with full-frame 4K.

Canon K424 Specs:

  • Full-frame 4K
  • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth ready
  • Not smartphone remote-function compatible
  • Reported max image recording: 6720 x 4480
  • Mount type: TBD
  • Price: possibly around 5D mk IV range

Canon K433 Specs:

  • Possibly full-frame 4K
  • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth ready
  • Smartphone remote-function compatible
  • Mount type: TBD
  • Price: possibly around 6D range

Shipping 2019

Everything We Know About Canon’s New Mirrorless Cameras — Shipping 2019

Image by Pranesh Luckan.

Release and shipping dates are tentative at this point, but Camera Rumors reports a middle-of-2019 timeframe, with the possibility of pre-orders as early as the end of 2018. This would put both cameras in line for a highly competitive 2019 calendar where Sony, Panasonic, and Blackmagic could be making some strong plays as well to keep up.

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