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Effectively Using Music to Enhance Corporate Videos

Danny Greer

Discover how and why royalty free music increases the engagement of your corporate and training video audience!

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Video is fast becoming the go-to way for training both employees and students. This method is becoming increasingly common due to the growing acceptance of distance learning and other non-traditional educational techniques in schools and the workplace. If you’re a video editor, producer, or educator that’s been tasked with creating such a project, you should know that the one factor that sets the best video training apart is the use of background music. This is true for the following reasons:

1. Music Engages the Brain on Both Conscious and Subconscious Levels

This is a truth that has long been recognized by advertisers, entertainers, and even politicians. Getting the trainee to engage the material in the video is the first and most essential step to an effective training experience.

2. Music Sets the Tempo for the Presentation

Studies show that students learn new material better when it is presented with a mildly upbeat, mid-tempo piece of music playing in the background. Classical music has been extensively studied in this regard. Other forms are effective as well, like softer forms of jazz.

Effectively Using Royalty Free Music to Enhance Corporate Videos

3. Music Signals Transition Points

In order to convey any body of knowledge effectively, it must first be divided into categories or steps. Whenever this occurs, the mind of the learner must shift gears. Switching the video’s background music at those points facilitates this change without distracting the learner, guiding them through the learning process seamlessly and effectively.

4. Music Both Relaxes and Focuses the Brain

This is, of course, highly dependent on the tracks used. Nobody is suggesting that Excel is best learned with heavy metal thundering over the instructor’s voice! However, studies have shown that properly selected musical pieces do have a conducive effect on the learning process.

Royalty free music is a quick and inexpensive way to enhance your corporate and training videos. Check out PremiumBeat’s extensive library of royalty free corporate tracks and let us know if we can help you find the perfect track for your video project!