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Quick Fix: Correcting Jumpy Audio in Premiere Pro

Logan Baker

Have you encountered a jumpy audio track in your Premiere Pro video editing workflow? Convert it to a WAV file in Adobe Audition!

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There are few situations more frustrating than throwing an audio file into your Premiere Pro timeline only to discover that the track simply does not work. The audio jumps. It skips. It’s a total workflow interruption encountered by many Premiere Pro users.

Why does it happen? One of the possible problems with the file could be that MP3s are sometimes compressed as variable bit rates, whereas Premiere exclusively works with constant bit rates. Fortunately, there is an easy fix if you have access to the often underappreciated Adobe Audition.


1. Open Track in Audition

Solving Audio Issues in Premiere Pro: Converting to WAV - Open Track in Audition

Moving the clip over is a two-click process. Right-click on the track, then select Edit Clip In Adobe Audition from the drop-down menu. This will open up Audition with the track automatically set on the timeline.

2. Convert Track to WAV

How To Solve Audio Issues in Premiere Pro: Convert to wav - Solving Audio Issues in Premiere Pro: Converting to WAV - Convert Track to WAV

Once you’re in Audition, hit Save As and  simply change the format from MP3 to WAVE PCM (*.wav, *bwf). Hit OK and import the converted track back into Premiere Pro. The breaks, blips, and jumps should now be gone, sparing you the hassle of recording new audio or purchasing a new track.

Got any tips for saving glitchy audio? Share your secrets in the comments below!