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Roundup: Discounted (and FREE) Video Editing Assets!

Annie St. Cyr

Get your hands on exclusive discounted and FREE video editing assets! These elements are perfect for video editors and motion designers.

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PremiumBeat has been fortunate enough to build partnerships with some amazing companies over the years. For Free Week we wanted to do something special for our readers — provide discount codes to some of our favorite products, plugins, and video editing assets. Let’s do this!

Adobe Video World

Roundup: Discounted (and FREE) Editing and Graphics Assets! Adobe Video World

PremiumBeat is headed to Adobe Video World, September 27th-October 2nd in beautiful Seattle, Washington. You can join us and save $100 on your ticket.

The six-day conference is targeted to Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects users and creatives. Hear from professional editors, VFX artists, motion graphics designers, and filmmakers.

AVW $100 Off Discount Code: BEAT16


Roundup: Discounted (and FREE) Editing and Graphics Assets! CrumplePop

CrumplePop’s Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro plugins are another must-have for all video editors. They have products that can really cut down on color correction time and help with numerous footage and audio issues.

Sara from CrumplePop is offering our readers 50% off of AutoBalance, one of their best-selling products. AutoBalance saves you time by automatically white balancing your video clips. No need to find a white area of the frame or fiddle with color wheels.

CrumplePop 50% off AutoBalance Discount Code: ATBL-0050-PRMBT-0912


Roundup: Discounted (and FREE) Editing and Graphics Assets! EditorsKeys

Many video editors couldn’t live without their customized keyboards. For some of us, it’s our lifeline. Take your hot keys editing experience to the next level with the EditorsKeys silicone keyboard cover.

You’ll have your most-used commands memorized in no time. Of course, if you don’t, you can always just look down and find them right in front of you. You might never open the keyboard preferences again!

EditorsKeys Discount Codes

  • 25% off Silicone Keyboard Covers: PRBEATCOV
  • 15% off Keyboards: PRBEATKEY


Roundup: Discounted (and FREE) Editing and Graphics Assets! EditStock

EditStock is not a traditional stock footage company. They are selling stock footage with a purpose — to teach you how to become a better video editor.

They sell high-quality footage with lined scripts, all of which you can use to edit your own version of the film. The exercise is certain to keep your editing sharp during slow times or help you learn more about what it’s like to edit a film. Check out the EditStock footage packs and start honing your editing chops immediately.

EditStock 15% off Discount Code: GLPB

Mister Horse

Roundup: Discounted (and FREE) Editing and Graphics Assets! Mister Horse

If you aren’t familiar with Mister Horse graphics packs, make your introduction with this 20% off coupon code. Their motion design tools are an excellent resource, and now’s a great time to grab some motion presets, lower thirds, scene transitions, and backgrounds.

Mister Horse 20% off Discount Code: PremiumBeatRocks


Roundup: Discounted (and FREE) Editing and Graphics Assets! RocketStock

Our collaborations with RocketStock are plentiful. Together we’ve given away free wedding video assets, free customizable text messaging icons, and a variety of awesome free After Effects templates. Now RocketStock is offering our readers 25% off their stunning library of curated After Effects templates.

These templates are invaluable if you’re in a time crunch on your video piece (especially if you’re not as comfortable with After Effects as a motion designer might be). After Effects templates have saved many a project and there’s no doubt that RocketStock templates are the best around.

Also, be sure to sign up for their emails and follow their social media accounts. They give away new free After Effects assets every month.

RocketStock Discount: Click this link for a 25% off RocketStock discount.

What are some of your favorite free video editing assets from around the web? Share them in the comments below!