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The 15 Best Video Production Blogs

Stay up to date on all the latest gear, editing software, and industry news with these helpful video production blogs.

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Blogs are a fantastic resource when searching for filmmaking and video production advice. The web is loaded with video pros and industry experts who weigh in daily with equipment reviews, software tips, and stylistic techniques you can put to good use. Let’s take a look at a few of the best filmmaking and video production blogs available to readers today.

1. The Blast from RocketStock

The 15 Best Filmmaking and Video Production Blogs: RocketStock

Specializing in After Effects tutorials and VFX inspiration, RocketStock is the go-to resource for anybody looking to breakthrough in the fields of motion graphics and post-production wizardry. In addition to great information and technical advice, RocketStock also offers a ton of free motion design assets.

2. Shutterstock

The 15 Best Filmmaking and Video Production Blogs: Shutterstock

Shutterstock’s blog is all over the place in the best way, covering topics like photography, video editinganimation, and corporate video. The blog’s Footage section is especially valuable to videographers looking for next-level tips, techniques, and tricks of the trade.

3. No Film School

The 15 Best Filmmaking and Video Production Blogs: No Film School

No Film School prides itself on fostering a community of filmmakers and video creatives dedicated to expanding the talents of their peers. Boasting an impressive array of educational and industry-related content, No Film School has something for anyone looking to grow as an artist — podcasts, gear articles, video essays, and more.

4. Cinema5D

The 15 Best Filmmaking and Video Production Blogs: Cinema5D

Cinema5D’s content focuses heavily on the newest gear and emerging video technologies. If you’re into the technical side of the video craft and find yourself constantly hunting for the latest rumors, reviews, and rundowns, Cinema5D is a must-read.

5. ProVideo Coalition

The 15 Best Filmmaking and Video Production Blogs: Pro Video Coalition

One of ProVideo Coalition’s greatest strengths is the company’s connection to real-deal Hollywood pros. Their expert contributors have experience with everything from indie shoots to major studio productions. The site’s gear roundups and breakdowns of popular commercials make them a vital visit in your daily media consumption journey.

6. Jonny Elwyn

The 15 Best Filmmaking and Video Production Blogs: Jonny Elwyn

Exuding an obvious passion for helping aspiring filmmakers, Jonny Elwyn’s blog offers informative posts on the hows and whys of filmmakingvideo editing, color grading, and tech. He’s also been known to write for PremiumBeat every once in a while.

7. Noam Kroll

The 15 Best Filmmaking and Video Production Blogs: Noam Kroll

Another occasional PremiumBeat contributor, Noam Kroll’s name is synonymous with top-notch film and video know-how. His blog provides in-depth camera reviews as well as video tutorials covering cinematography, directing, and editing. Kroll’s industry experience makes him a fantastic resource for videographers of every skill level.

8. RedShark News

The 15 Best Filmmaking and Video Production Blogs: RedShark News

Consistently staying on top of the news is hard, but RedShark excels at keeping the latest information flowing. In addition to industry news and production advice, RedShark features sections devoted entirely to post-production and VFX-related articles.

9. planet5D

The 15 Best Filmmaking and Video Production Blogs: Planet 5D

While their earliest work focused mainly on DSLRs, planet5D has branched out to cover every area of digital photography, filmmaking, and video production. With content exploring the ins and outs of everything from smart phones to cinema cameras, planet5D’s got something for everyone.

10. Cinematography Database

This blog is perfect for aspiring cinematographers. Interviews with working professionals and coverage of essential camera news make this website a must for anybody looking to hone their skills behind the camera. Above is a video released by Cinematography Database discussing how to get work as a director of photography.

11. Filmmaker Magazine

The 15 Best Filmmaking and Video Production Blogs: Filmmaker Magazine

Filmmaker Magazine’s coverage reaches across the entirety of the film and video spectrum, all of it keenly aware of the ever-changing nature of the industry. From DIY hacks to film festival reviews and cinema camera news, Filmmaker Magazine is an excellent resource for those trying to stay in the know.

12. FilmmakerIQ

The 15 Best Filmmaking and Video Production Blogs: Filmmaker IQ

FilmmakerIQ is going through some changes right now, with a new layout and focus on the way. Nonetheless, the content currently on the long-running website — film essays, video breakdowns, and more — is absolutely worth digging through.

13. Wipster

The 15 Best Filmmaking and Video Production Blogs: Wipster

Wipster is an excellent resource for anybody currently in the freelance game. With articles on how to hire people to help with your project and how to pitch a video, Wipster is a big step in the right direction of your video production career. Read Wipster regularly and you’ll be pro before you know it.

14. The Beat from PremiumBeat

The 15 Best Filmmaking and Video Production Blogs: PremiumBeat

Well, we had to include ourselves, right? PremiumBeat is proud and pleased to offer insight into the worlds of cinematography, video editing, motion design, color grading, and everything pre to post-production. We strive to help the community because we are a part of the community. And just like the blogs listed above, we realize we’re all in this together.

15. Shutterstock Tutorials

Did we leave off your favorite film and video production blog? Let us know what we missed in the comments below.