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Download 13 FREE Cinematic LUTs for Your Next Film

Logan Baker

No matter the genre or style you’re looking for, this pack of FREE LUTs has everything you need. Download them right now!

Over the years at PremiumBeat, we’ve given away several LUT packs for free, as well as other assets any video editor or filmmaker might need. Our latest addition to the Freebieverse (I’ve decided to name it) is a brand new pack of FREE LUTs created by Todd Blankenship, this time for Shutterstock. This pack was made with care and love as Todd picked specific looks from films and photos that inspire his daily work. There’s a lot to choose from and these looks will give you an amazing foundation to start from once you begin grading your footage.

Recently, we published an in-depth review of the new color grading tool, Photon.io. The review was originally written by Todd Blankenship who actually ended up using the tool to make these LUTs. The pack is fine-tuned to recreate some clean, cinematic looks that you can use as a starting point for your footage.

Click to download these FREE LUTs, as well as a 15% off coupon from Shutterstock.


By downloading this FREE LUTs pack, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

The main thing to note is that these LUTs were designed for Log footage. That means they were designed to be applied to footage with a significantly flat look. So, if you’re shooting on a more standard color curve, these LUTs could be too intense when applied to your footage. Just keep that in mind!

Photo Editing Process
The difference it makes is stunning! Image via Stefano Garau.

Now if you’re wondering how to use all of these free LUTs, check out the video below. It walks you through how to work with LUTs in your NLE and shows you how they can change the entire look of your footage.

If you’d like more free assets, you’re in luck! We recently rounded everything we’ve released up into one location, click the link below!

Need a little extra inspiration, check out these additional free assets:

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