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Editors Timelines – More #timelinetuesday action!

Jonny Elwyn

More scenes from the editing bay! Check out these video editing timelines for a close up look at the post-production process.

Editor Mark Sanger - Gravity - Editing timeline

This picture of the opening sequence to Oscar winning Gravity, by co-editors Mark Sanger and Alfonso Cuaron, kicked off a surprisingly popular post featuring a collection of screengrabs from numerous feature film and network television editors. So it seemed like it might be a good idea to bring together another roundup of some of what is now might be a good idea to bring together another roundup of some of the best of what is now know in the business as #TimelineTuesday.

If you want to learn more about what film editors actually do then check out this round up of insights over on my blog. Plus if you’re after some technical details and a look inside some professional edit suites check out this post featuring photos from inside Ron Howard’s cutting room for his latest feature film, In The Heart Of The Sea.

Video Editing Timelines

What’s interesting about this first image, again from Ron Howard’s editing room, is that the subsequent Twitter conversation points out that they seem to be editing on a pre-version 6 copy of Media Composer. Apparently stability is more important than the latest bells and whistles.

In this next tweet, documentary editor Steve Audette reveals the timelime for part 2 of the PBS and Frontline documentary Secrets of the State which you can check out here. For a full rundown of the gear in his suite, check out this post.

editing a feature documentary

This image comes from editor Walter Murch’s FCP7 timeline for the feature documentary Particle Fever. You can find an in-depth write up on Walter’s process and thoughts on how to handle an ever changing storyline, over on Digital Films. This next timeline is a helpful look into structuring a feature film – scene by scene.

Some timelines are just a bit overwhelming…

On the other hand you can learn quite a bit from editor’s who share the progress of their timeline construction from start to finish, which is exactly what editor Dan Wolfmeyer has done in these four tweets.

A lot of editors like to colour code the tracks of their timelines to keep things organised and on track (pardon the pun). In these two tweets editor Shane Ross shares how he does it.

And sometimes timelines are simply short and sweet…