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Everything to Know About NAB 2016: Cameras, Lenses, Gear, and More

Michael Maher

NAB 2016 has come and gone. Here are ALL of the major announcements from the latest National Association of Broadcasters show.

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It’s tough to imagine how the 2016 NAB show will be remembered. There were no announcements regarding amazing new cinema or broadcast cameras from any of the major manufacturers. In fact, the two biggest camera announcements came from Craft and Lytro — neither known to most audiences.

This was a year dedicated to VR, 360-degree video, and stabilization tech. With regards to VR, the future is still up in the air. At the moment, it just isn’t practical for most users to shoot 360-degree footage due to the crippling cost of VR cameras. High-end rigs cost more than a car, and lower-price VR setups still cost as much as an actual production camera. Why buy a six-camera GoPro Omni for $4,999 when I could buy a Canon C100 or a Blackmagic URSA Mini for cheaper?

Everything to Know About NAB 2016: Cameras, Lenses, Gear, and More - Artemis Maxima
Image via FoMA Systems

There was some exciting tech announced regarding stabilization. Drones, gimbals, and ARRI’s purchase of the Artemis Trinity all grabbed headlines. There were so many new support rigs, we had to write two different roundups (Support Gear and More Support Gear) – and we still didn’t cover everything.

NAB 2016 wasn’t a bust — but it was certainly quiet. After Blackmagic stole all the headlines with the URSA Mini in 2015, Canon positioned themselves to dominate NAB 2016 — but they barely made a blip on the radar. In fact, it was Sony who had all the foot traffic checking out all of their cameras on the floor. Sony was the only major manufacturer to announce a major new camera along with serious updates for their existing line.

There are still plenty of shows left this year, like Photokina and IBC. In fact, rumors have Canon releasing a new mirrorless line at Photokina, but the real question is will we ever see the 5D MKIV? Only time will tell. With that wrap up of the event itself, let’s dive into everything worth looking at from NAB 2016.


Everything to Know About NAB 2016: Cameras, Lenses, Gear, and More - HDC-4800

Here is a quick recap of the latest cameras, for more detailed specs and info check out the biggest camera announcements from NAB 2016.


Sony made a splash at NAB 2016 announcing the HDC-4800, a Super 35mm camera that can shoot up to 480 fps in 4K. They also debuted the PXW-Z150, a UHD camcorder that can shoot 4K footage and HD up to 120 fps. Most readers will be interested in the firmware updates for the Sony FS5 and FS7. Sony also introduced the AXS-R7 external recorder for the F55.


Everything to Know About NAB 2016: Cameras, Lenses, Gear, and More - Craft Camera

Craft stole the show without even having a booth. The modular camera came out of nowhere. The company had been teasing a production camera leading up to NAB 2016, where they finally released all the specs on their website. The biggest note was that all the information came from the website specs, as a functional camera has not been revealed — only a 3D rendering.


Lytro showed off a camera unlike any other, using Lytro’s light-field technology. This camera doesn’t shoot images as much as it gathers information. The Lytro Cinema captures every ray of light in a scene, giving each pixel color properties. This doesn’t only give you control of color grading, but in post you can focus and change the depth of field. This gives you infinite creative choices in editing. The camera will also work wonders in VR.


No updates on the 5D MKIV or any other DSLRs. The company did announce the ME200S-SH, a Super 35 camera that has the same sensor used in the C100 series. 


Everything to Know About NAB 2016: Cameras, Lenses, Gear, and More - Varicam LT

Panasonic touted two new midrange 4K UX camcorders AG-UX180 and the AG-UX90 — plus the Varicam LT that was announced earlier this year. The Varicam LT is a 4K Super 35mm camera designed for indie filmmakers.


Kinefinity unveiled the new 5K and 6K Terra cameras. Both cameras are rather impressive, proving that the Chinese manufacturer is making giant strides in trying to break into an international market.


Leica debuted the new Leica SL, a 4K mirrorless camera designed to take on the likes of the a7S and GH4.


Everything to Know About NAB 2016: Cameras, Lenses, Gear, and More - ARRI MA

In one of the main topics we have not yet covered this year, there were quite a few new lenses announced at NAB 2016.

SLR Magic GH4 Anamorphic Lenses

Early last year, Panasonic announced a GH4 update that offered support for anamorphic lenses. The problem? The only anamorphic lenses built for the GH4 needed an adapter or DIY setup. SLR Magic has remedied the situation with a new lineup designed for the GH4. Check out more over at No Film School.

Zeiss Anamorphic

The new Zeiss Master Anamorphics offer interchangeable rear and front elements, giving you a multitude of options. Their new Compact Zooms are designed for lighter cameras, and their T1.5 Compact Primes are also now available. No Film School has more on the new Zeiss glass.

Zenit Lens

Everything to Know About NAB 2016: Cameras, Lenses, Gear, and More - Zenitar
Image via PetaPixel

Zenit returns with the new Zenitar 50mm f/0.95, 50mm f/1.2, and 85mm f/1.2 lenses. These lenses are all expected to see a 2017 release at a fairly low price. Peta Pixel has more on these new Zenit lenses.


ARRI and Zeiss introduced two new lenses — the MA28 and MA180. The MA28 is a 28mm lens with T1.9 aperture speed, ideal for low-light work and shallow depth of field. The MA180 is a 180mm lens with T2.8 and a front diameter of 95mm.


Schneider has a new full frame Xenon lens — the Xenon FF 18mm T2.4. The company claims this to be the fastest full frame prime lens on the market. See more on No Film School.

Video Editing

Everything to Know About NAB 2016: Cameras, Lenses, Gear, and More - Retro Grade

Wipster vs Frame.io

Both Wipster and Frame.io made major strides in their video editing platforms. Both companies had previously hosted videos on their sites, which allowed editors to send proofs to clients — who could then make notes and adjustments during playback. Now both companies have integrated with Premiere Pro. Wipster released the Review Panel and Frame.io announced a Premiere Pro plugin (they also have a FCPX plugin).


Adobe announced several updates to the Creative Cloud, most notably the major Premiere Pro VR capabilities. They also boosted Lumetri color controls, giving you more abilites when color grading.

FCPX Editor Kits

Everything to Know About NAB 2016: Cameras, Lenses, Gear, and More - EDITOR KITS

PremiumBeat teamed up with Shutterstock to create a new series of FCPX tutorials. Unlike your typical tutorial, we are providing footage, music, and assets for FREE. This allows you to accurately follow along and truly hone your skills as an editor. The Editor Kits are also featured on the official Apple Final Cut Pro page. You can download the assets and watch the tutorials at PremiumBeat.com/FCPX.

Monitors, Lighting, Audio Equipment, and Gear

There is always so much new gear at every NAB show. If you’re looking for more in-depth coverage on a specific product, be sure to check out our NAB 2016 roundups;


Everything to Know About NAB 2016: Cameras, Lenses, Gear, and More - DJI M600

DJI was quick to make headlines for their major announcements — a new cinematic drone and a new Ronin gimbal. The Matrice 600 hexacopter will take your production cameras to the sky. The drone was designed to mount the new Ronin-MX gimbal — which can easily carry anything from a DSLR up to a RED or ALEXA Mini.


In a surprise move, ARRI announced the purchase of the Artemis Trinity from Sachtler/Vitec. The stablization system combines a gimbal with a traditional Steadicam rig. ARRI also announce some new lenses they collaborated on with Zeiss, as well as some great updates for the SkyPanel series of lights.


Everything to Know About NAB 2016: Cameras, Lenses, Gear, and More - Blackmagic VideoAssist

SmallHD really impressed the audience with their new SmallHDR line — a monitor so rugged it survived being beaten by bats, bullets, and trucks.

Atomos announced a new flagship monitor/recorder, the Shogun Inferno. Blackmagic revealed their new Video Assist 4K, which was designed for ease with its touchscreen display.

Read more about all of these monitors in our roundup.


Everything to Know About NAB 2016: Cameras, Lenses, Gear, and More - SkyPanel ARRI

As previously mentioned, ARRI had a fantastic update to the SkyPanel, giving owners instant access to a catalog of gel colors, allowing you to change your color temperature to just about any color imaginable.

KinoFlo introduced the Select Series LED fixtures with a Kelvin range of 2700K to 6500K. Fotodiox introduced a new FlapJack LED Wand and LED Ring Light. Ikan released some new Lyra LED Soft Lights, and Aputure showed off the new Lightstorm COB 120t fresnel. You can read about all of these lights here

In addition to our roundup — Hive Lighting debuted the incredible WASP 1000 and BEE 1000, two lights with the output of a 2.5K HMI. Mole-Richardson showed off the Tener LED, a 10K Tungsten equivalent. Each of these lights can be powered by a regular outlet. 


Everything to Know About NAB 2016: Cameras, Lenses, Gear, and More - Tascam DR10SG

Tascam revealed the DR-10SG, a recorder with built-in microphone that attaches directly to your camera, ideal for DSLR and mirrorless shooters. 

Zoom introduced the U-24 and U-44 interface, which allow you to connect microphones, instruments, or monitors into an array of recording devices like computers and iPads. Aputure announced the low budget A-Lyra Lavalier mic and D3 Shotgun mic. 

Sennheiser showed off a new supercardioid microphone also designed for DSLR and mirrorless users. The MKE 440 is a stereo pair set in a V shape, said to represent the viewpoint of the camera. 

Read more about these microphones in our roundup.

Other Tech and Storage

Everything to Know About NAB 2016: Cameras, Lenses, Gear, and More - PelicanAir

For storing and managing footage, G Tech debuted the G-Rack 12, a RAID 6 storage solution than can store up to 120TB of data. Switcher Studio‘s app allows you to control live camera switching through your mobile device.

For storing gear, the new Pelican Air line has kept the same durability of the Pelican name with a 40% weight reduction. Those with drones will be excited to hear about the CaseCruzer, a durable shell that not only protects your drone, but can also charge three batteries and the remote.

As far as stabilizers and gimbals, there were just too many to list here. Brand new gear from Kessler, eye catching devices by Edelkrone, a new EVF from Zacuto, the Freefly Alta 8 cinema drone, and the amazing robotic arm — KIRA.

Be sure to check out the corresponding NAB 2016 posts, The Latest Camera Rigs, Dollies, Gimbals, Drones, and More and the aptly named More of the Latest Camera Rigs, Dollies, Gimbals, and Drones.

That does it for NAB 2016. What are you most excited about getting your hands on? Let us know in the comments below.