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Filmmaking News You May Have Missed (July 2016)

Logan Baker

The announcements and new developments never stop in the film and video industry. Here’s the latest videography and filmmaking news you may have missed.

Start the second half of your summer off right by staying on top of what’s happening in video production and filmmaking universe. From editing VR footage to fancy flat lenses, here are a few news items you might have missed over the last few weeks.

Filmmaking News You May Have Missed (July 2016) - Drone Laws

The DOT and FAA announced you can now get a waiver to shoot aerial footage for commercial video production projects. Applications will be online soon, and licenses will start being issued in August. One new regulation requires drone users to keep their machines in line of sight during daytime operation. If you want to learn all the other new rules, PremiumBeat’s got you covered.

2. RIP Abbas Kiarostami: The Film World Mourns the Loss of an Icon

Filmmaking News You May Have Missed (July 2016) - Loss of an IconImage via IMDb

Prolific Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami passed away on July 4th. With over forty film credits under his belt, the filmmaking community lost a true legend. If you’re unfamiliar with his work, be sure to check out Certified Copy and Taste of Cherry. Find out more over at IndieWire.

3. Six Technologies Poised to Change the Future of Film

Filmmaking News You May Have Missed (July 2016) - Filmmaking TechImage via Canon

Jourdan Aldredge dives into the future of filmmaking with this list of mind-blowing tech to watch out for. This entertainingly informative list includes A.I. written screenplays, flat lenses, and the impressive light field camera. Get a glimpse of tomorrow right here.

4. The Mill’s Blackbird Camera Car Is a Real-Life Autobot

Filmmaking News You May Have Missed (July 2016) - The Blackbird

The Mill unveiled the new Blackbird camera car. This see-it-to-believe-it car can be replaced by any type of vehicle in post-production, changing its own length and width. The electric motor can mimic the shifting and velocity changes of any desired vehicle. This technology is truly game-changing for film and commercial productions. Wrap your head around the possibilities here.

5. Game Of Thrones DP Reveals His Technique

Filmmaking News You May Have Missed (July 2016) - Game of ThronesImage via No Film School

In a video posted by No Film School, Fabian Wagner discusses the challenges and process of shooting Game of Thrones. The clip explores his first episode and what it’s like lighting the impossibly intricate sets of the HBO hit.

6. Fujifilm Brings 4K Video to the X-T2


Starting at $1,600, Fujifilm’s versatile new mirrorless camera surpasses the previous X-T1 with more megapixels, 4K recording capability, improved AF, and more. Get all the details and specs here

7. How to Edit and Export VR Footage

Filmmaking News You May Have Missed (July 2016) - Video EditingImage via RocketStock

RocketStock offers advice on how to edit your VR footage in Premiere Pro and covers the procedure for exporting your video to YouTube. The article covers the basics: slicing, trimming, and coloring your footage, as well as explaining the surprising simplicity of the entire process.

8. Alpha Wheels Redesigns Yesterday’s Cinematography Tool for Tomorrow

Image via 1A Tools

Michael Maher talked to cinematographer and inventor Boyd Hobbs about his awesome new creation, the Alpha Wheels. The device takes classic hand wheels and brings them into the future for work with gimbal stabilizers and in pre-visualization. Get your hands on more details here.

9. Jeff Nichols on Why He’s Obsessed With Anamorphic and the Problem With TV

Filmmaking News You May Have Missed (July 2016) - Jeff NicholsImage via No Film School

No Film School recently sat down with Midnight Special director Jeff Nichols about his decision to only shoot on film. The director also weighs in on the digital vs. film projection debate. Whether you’re a fan of his movies or not, the interview holds many insightful quotes about the future of film. Check it out here.

10. Red Giant FTX: Don’t Hate, BB-8

Red Giant released this super-fun video showing the process of creating your very own BB-8, using both practical and visual effects!

11. RED Announces New Super 35mm 8K Sensor

Image via RED/Jarred Land

RED Digital Cinema shows off their latest custom built camera – the BAYHEM for director Michael Bay. The camera features an all new 8K Super 35mm RED sensor the company is calling Helium. Get all the explosive specs here.

Know of any other exciting news in the world of video production and film? Let us know in the comments!