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Free Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro X Templates

Michael Maher

Motion Master Templates is a great resource for Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro X templates. Learn how to edit them by trying these free FCPX and Motion templates.

Check out these awesome free templates for Motion and Final Cut Pro X from Motion Master Templates. The site is run by Deyson Ortiz, who not only creates templates, but teaches you how to use them and make them as well. Deyson has over 20 years of experience producing commercials, short films, web films, music videos, and television programs. He is now using that experience to teach Final Cut Pro X and Motion users how to get the most out of their software.

While the templates listed below are free, Motion Master Templates also has a store with tons of other templates available for purchase individually or by subscription.

A majority of these templates don’t include stock images or music. Be sure to check out Shutterstock for all your image needs, and we’ve got the royalty-free music covered on PremiumBeat.

Polaroid Play

Need a motion template to showcase some photos? This free vintage-camera template has four drop zones for you to add your media. It includes 24,25,30,48,50,60 FPS Frame Rates. It’s a great for photographers wanting to show off their pictures.

Download Polaroid Play from Motion Master Templates

Circles of Love

This free Final Cut Pro X template can be used as a very simple-yet-slick introduction. The movement is very subtle and has an overall great flow. You just need to add your images to the drop zones and adjust them as necessary.

Download Circles of Love from Motion Master Templates

Rounded Corner Lower Third

The free rounded lower thirds template is great for anyone who needs to toss up some quick text. The Final Cut Pro X template has one drop zone for your image or footage. Then you can simply add your text and adjust how round you want the lower third to be. Just simply choose the colors that are right for your project and you’re done.

Download Rounded Corner Lower Third from Motion Master Templates

Ortiz even has a full-length tutorial to show you how to make this template on your own.

Social Package

This free FCPX template offers four different user social media interfaces to choose from. There are two drop zones, customizable color palettes, and easy-to-add text. You can also add your own videos, photographs, or graphics.

Download Social Package from Motion Master Templates

Final Cut Template Modules

This free template pack includes eight modules for Final Cut Pro X. Just insert your footage into the drop zones, and you instantly have commercial-ready material. This template will display your footage on a browser, laptop, tablet, phone, and more.

Download Final Cut Template Modules from Motion Master Templates

Web Video

This Apple Motion and FCPX template easily displays your footage on a digital web browser. The free template has three drop zones with customizable text and colors. This is great for any type of product placement or promo videos.

Download Web Video from Motion Master Templates

Your Super Sale

It seems just about every company has an annual super sale. With the free super-sale template, you can quickly adjust text and even add a drop zone if needed. The template also has a customizable background and banner color.

Download Your Super Sale from Motion Master Templates

If you enjoyed these free templates, be sure to check out Motion Master Templates for even more options available for purchase!