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Free Filmmaking Wisdom

Jonny Elwyn

The global filmmaking community is an invaluable resource for established and aspiring filmmakers alike. Bookmark these great online resources for insightful filmmaking wisdom.

If you’re just starting out on your filmmaking career then learning from those who have gone before you is a fantastic way to help find your feet in an ever changing industry. Today’s technology opens the doors to anyone who wants to make a film, even just on their iPhone, as long as they have the will to make it happen.

We all need wisdom, encouragement and inspiration along the way so it is well worth dipping in and out of these great resources on a regular basis for an extra boost to keep pursuing your filmmaking dreams.

Film Courage

Film Courage offers excellent nuts and bolts advice to independent filmmakers in a straight shooting format. If you want to hear from expert professionals who have living and breathing what they’re describing (most having started from scratch) this is the place to start.

Film Courage covers every practical aspect of filmmaking from networking, financing, writing, directing and much more. Time spent here is time well spent.


The BAFTA Guru series is a hugely impressive collection of lectures, interviews and short insights from a star studded collection of actors, directors, producers, writers, editors, sound designers and more. You could spend hours and hours absorbing all of these opinions and perspectives so it’s probably best to focus your attention the creative sphere that most interests you.

Film Independent

Film Independent’s mission is to “champion the cause of independent film and support a community of artists who embody diversity, innovation and uniqueness of vision.” They do that through a whole host of various events, communities, festivals and forums. In these sound bites you get a sense of the quality of a Film Independent event and the quality of the discussions. If you can get to one, you definitely should.

BFI – Ask An Expert

The British Film Institute has a great YouTube channel called ‘Ask an Expert‘ which features some fantastic Q&A’s with world renown filmmaking experts including directors, actors, documentary makers and more. All of the questions have been suggested via Facebook and Twitter, so if you want to be to post a question – keep an eye on those social networks.