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Free Video Editing Assets: Lower Thirds

Logan Baker

Lower thirds can add a level of slick professionalism to any video project. Here are a few ways to get them for FREE.

Top image via Shutterstock

While lower thirds are an easy way to reinforce your brand and up the production value of your video project, there’s no need to spend an arm and a leg on graphics. Not only are there lots of high-quality free resources available, you can also find plenty of DIY tutorials to guide you through the process of creating your own lower thirds from scratch. Let’s take a look at a few free resources for video editors.

24 Free Lower Thirds for After Effects via RocketStock

This FREE pack from our pals at RocketStock is loaded with 24 unique lower thirds, each with customizable text. Plus, you can add your logo to the graphics. This lower-thirds pack includes a few video clips and some free light leaks to really make your project pop. You can download the whole thing here.

Pro Tip: RocketStock gives away a new freebie every month, so be sure to give them a bookmark and check in every once and a while. While you’re over there, explore their library of video assets, like lens flaresdigital distortion, and, yes, lower thirds.

How to Create a Lower Third in After Effects via Mac Square

Mac Square offers a tutorial on creating basic lower thirds in After Effects in which he takes a minimalist design approach to adding graphics to video. You’ll notice his end result doesn’t include a lot of movement. For more on motion, keep reading below.

Intro to Animation Curves in After Effects via School of Motion

Lower thirds can draw the wrong kind of attention to themselves if the graphics move in a choppy, sloppy fashion. The best way to eradicate the issue is to get good at using the Curve Editor, which Joey Korenman explains in the video above. Understanding the Curve Editor won’t just make your lower thirds better — it will make all of your After Effects animation efforts look more pro.

Creating your own lower thirds is easier than you think, and doing so is a fantastic way to further hone your skills in motion graphics. For more information on creating your own lower-thirds, check out Shutterstock’s excellent article, “How to Make Lower Thirds Like a Pro.”

Just remember — with lower thirds, simplicity is everything. Keep your text readable, your colors minimal, and your motion smooth.

What approach do you take when creating lower thirds? Share your tips and techniques in the comments below.