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Freebie: Movie Marketing Pack

Michael Maher

Become a movie marketing mogul with these two free Photoshop templates: the new Trailer Tag template (Green & Red Band) and a Movie Poster template.

Promoting a movie is a ton of work, especially if you are a one man show. To make things a little easier, we’ve created these two free Photoshop templates to help you market your film.

The 4K Movie Trailer Rating Tag gives your trailer the professional touch with a green (or red) intro. It’s perfect for spoof edits and supercuts. The Movie Poster Template lets you throw in an image of your own and adjust the text to your liking. It’s even set up as a CMYK project, so it’ll be ready to print.

4K Movie Trailer Rating Tag Template

In 2013, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) revitalized their rating system. Not only did the infamous green trailer tag get a makeover, so did the overall rating campaign.

The Check the Box campaign puts the emphasis on the Rating Box. The box gives an entire snapshot of the film; the letter rating and the descriptor box. The descriptor box includes all major reasons the film received its rating.

The updated green trailer tag features a darker shade of green, removes the drop shadow from the text, and uses a new font – Gotham.

Freebie: Movie Marketing Pack - New Rating Intro
Image via Film Ratings

In the above image, note how the original text has shifted. No longer is Preview the main focus, but rather Approved. Also, Appropriate Audiences has been changed to Accompany This Feature. This is based on the fact that all green band trailers are appropriate for most ages, and the films rating reflects that. Only on red band trailers are there notifications that the trailer is not suitable for all ages.

Finally, it should be stated that this template is not to be used for actual ratings without approval by the Motion Picture Association of America. This is made entirely for spoof and entertainment purposes. To have your film rated by the MPAA, visit the Classification And Rating AdministrationCARA submission page.

How to Edit the Movie Trailer Rating Tag

Custom Trailer Tag Preview

Fonts UsedMontserrat, Arial Bold, Charis

The Trailer Rating template is optimized for customization. You can easily change any of text. Also, the standard film ratings are already customized and ready to go. All you have to do is make them visible.

The template is set to a custom rating as a default. Under the Layers tab – Open the Rating Box folder. There you will see all available options.

To make a custom rating, just open the Rating Custom folder and adjust the text as necessary.

Freebie: Movie Marketing Pack - Trailer Tag Tutorial

You can easily turn off the Rating Custom folder and turn on any of the available ratings. The ratings box will also change shape automatically. All standard ratings are included; G, PG, PG-13, R, and NC-17.

Freebie: Movie Marketing Pack - Trailer Tag Tutorial 2

You can also easily make your green trailer tag a Red Band trailer tag. In the layers tab, just open the Background Color folder and turn off the Green Background.

Freebie: Movie Marketing Pack - Trailer Tag Tutorial 3

Movie Poster Template

The Movie Poster Template is an 18″ x 24″ CMYK project file. It comes ready to be sent off to the printer. Be sure to use the guide layers to keep all text and images in the print safe area.

The possibilities are endless. Here are three examples, all created using this template. Each of these posters uses stock images purchased from Shutterstock.

Freebie: Movie Marketing Pack - Demo Movie Template Posters

How to Edit the Movie Poster Template

Fonts Used: Arial Bold and Tall Dark and Handsome

The Movie Poster Template does not come with a background image. Insert your own image to the ADD YOUR PHOTO HERE layer.

Freebie: Movie Marketing Pack - Drop

Under the Main Text Layers folder, you will find the Movie Title and Actor Names. Using the Text Tool, you can adjust the text, font, and color.

The Movie Quote folder contains the layers for a Quote and Critic publication. The 4 Stars folder includes the star shape elements and Critic publication. If you do not want to use a quote or 4 star review, simply hide the layers. If you need multiple quotes or 4 star reviews, you can select the folder – go to Layers – select Duplicate Group. The file will create a second layer on top of the existing one. Simply move it with the Move Tool.

Freebie: Movie Marketing Pack - Quote, Stars

The Film Festival Laurels folder contains three subfolders. The subfolders have the laurels and text files for you to edit.  Use the Text Tool to adjust the text, font, and color.

Freebie: Movie Marketing Pack - Laurels Tutorial

The Lower Credits folder contains the credits, release date, and Coming Soon tag. Use the Text Tool to adjust the text, font, and color of the credits and date. Once again, simply hide the layers you don’t want to use.

Freebie: Movie Marketing Pack - Lower Credits Tutorial

Get The Movie Marketing Template Pack

Freebie: Movie Marketing Pack - Movie Marketing Templates

Ready to get started with these free Photoshop templates? Click the download link below to get both project files. First you will need to unzip the PremiumBeat Movie Template folder. Open the folder you and will see the two .psd files.

Just open them in Adobe Photoshop to edit. Also included are the free fonts used in the project. All computers (Mac & PC) should have Arial already installed.


Depending on the version of Photoshop you have, you may receive the following error.

This document contains unknown data which will be discarded to keep layers editable. To preserve the original appearance instead, choose Flatten to load composite data as a flattened image.

Simply select Keep Layers to use the template as intended.

Were these templates helpful? Have you used them in a project? Let us know in the comments below.