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3 Funny Twitter Feeds for Video Editors

Jonny Elwyn

Overloaded with technical tweets? Check out the Twitter feeds that any video editor will find funny.

IMDb Parents’ Guide

Making sure you’ve got a few funny accounts in your Twitter feed is a great way to add a chuckle or two to your day, especially when it’s related to your day-in-day-out experience in the post production industry. Here are a few of my favorites with three of their best tweets.

The IMDB Parents Guide, is actually very useful if you’re ever concerned about what the content of a film might be before you view it. But it also leads to some entertaining comments from unsuspecting parent contributors, the best of which are gathered together by @imdbparents. These short quips summarize the ‘best’ parts of popular films in 140 characters or less…

Render Please

Render Please is actually more of a Tumblr GIF blog than a Twitter feed, but it’s well worth following on Twitter so you never miss a post from an Assistant Editor’s perspective. Plus you’ll have a slew of funny GIFs ready for any situation. Follow @renderplease

Worst Editor Ever

My favorite funny post production Twitter feed is still @theworsteditorever, who I have mentioned on this blog before. For post-related laughs, their feed is tough to beat.


Know of any other funny filmmaking or video editing Twitter feeds? Share in the comments below.